a wishful wednesday...

...a wishful wednesday...

sometimes...i wish...
today...i wish that these little ballet legs will never leave our table...

sometimes...i wish that these little ballet slippers will be worn forever...
worn daily by a lovely little girl who makes us all smile...

sometimes...i wish that it was the beginning again...
believe me...most times i don't!
i love the point we are at...
but just sometimes...little ballet slippers bring out the emotion me...

...a wishful wednesday...
ballet slippers
stockinged feet
little legs
big smiles

enjoy yours


{p.s welcome all you sweet new followers...lovely to meet you all x}


  1. What a beautiful post! I took ballet lessons as a child for many years and I had a wrap sweater too. I also like the effect you used on the photos, very pretty.

  2. as someone who's littlest gal is obsessed with her ballet slippers, i love and appreciate this post.

    i would love to be able to stop time at will...but, as super powers aren't yet among by skill set, i'm concentrating on enjoying every minute.

    have an excellent wednesday, melissa.

  3. I can truly appreciate your sentiments .... our children grow so swiftly, that is why it is so important to capture images like you have today.... then they can be kept and treasured forever. Those ballet slippers are simply gorgeous. I can imagine you packing them away in tissue when she grows out of them.... and presenting them to her again when she is older....she will be delighted and the memories will wash over her. X

  4. Excuse Melissa, while I just wring out my hankie.

  5. Gorgeous, I was looking my daughters old ballet shoes the other day wondering if I should give them away. I just can't.

  6. There is something so beautiful about a ballet slipper. I have kept all my old pointe shoes.

    When I was a little girl I used to travel up to the Royal Academy of Dance in London to take my exams. It was a HUGE old Victorian building.I remember walking through the old corridors, looking up at the ceilings that were as high as the sky. Behind every big door, you could here the pianos being played and hear a lady (usually quite old, quite podgy and with far too much theatrical make up!) belting out 'one,two, three' to count the girls in. The whole building was full of nervous little girls, but there was a huge excitement too. Whenever I come across my pointe shoes, I am instantly taken back, and am right there reliving it. It was a lovely part of my childhood and i'm sure it is just so for your daughters too!!!!! Ballet pink is one of my favourite colours!

    Have a super day!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  7. Read this earlier
    in the day, but was
    unable to comment
    due to Blogger being
    down....So had to pop
    back and say what a
    lovely post; really
    touched my heart.
    Happy Weekend, Melissa!
    xx Suzanne

  8. awww, that made me emotional. i can't wait for kitty to have ballet legs. i already have the shoes! xx

  9. Oh, Sweetie! Miss India wants to start ballet - you've reminded me to add that to my 'to do' list ☺. J x

  10. I always found it fun when I was little to swing my feet back and fourth as my feet could never touch the ground. Now that my feet touch the ground I can't do that anymore. I miss that.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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