*friday pretties* & the story of a little girl...

g'morning all...
as you know...i adore fridays...
end of the week...anticipating the weekend together...
slightly less taxi-ing of children...
the dance, football {soccer}, horse riding, social run still gets one of us outa the house ;)
but at least the school run is dropped from the equation for a couple of days...

we get to share some *friday pretties*...
this weeks comes with a story of a gorgeous totally slightly lavender obsessed little girl living in the english countryside...

little miss.audrey
there was a lovely little girl who moved from the beaches of australia
to an english village with her daddy, her mummy, her big sister & big brother
where her mummy had loved frangipanni's, she fell in love with lavender
where her mummy had been surrounded by gum trees, she is by roses

basket in hand
on warm spring days she goes to gather lavender
all the way to the front garden 
always...always in bare feet

always with Sunday the cat
a chippy chair for the basket

after gathering
moving the cat around the garden
seeing the postman
smelling her haul
playing endless imaginary half term holiday games with said cat
if co-ersed...her big brother & sister

she may make the lavender stash into some sort of "garden stew" in her outside kitchen
she may, on occasion,  put it into bottles & jars & jugs for her mummy

little miss.audrey seriously loves lavender
but is 6 
 can tire of making *friday pretties* at any moment
for those few moments that her mummy was blessed with her lavender
from her basket
with that face
she was happy to just watch
love her

to straighten it up 
make it look pretty later

{& yep she seems to have heard that!}

...happy friday pretties...


if you're keen to get your camera out
don't forget it's *ten on ten* today
{10 photos for 10 consecutive hours over your day
on the 10th of the month}


  1. what a lovely post. i love little girls {and boys too of course} and i love lavender! what a sweet pumpkin she is. and thanks for the ten on ten reminder! going to charge my camera battery right now :) have a sweet weekend.

  2. So lovely Melissa and such a lovely plant.. you can do so much with it, i love to make little lavender bags.. have a lovely weekend with your family :) x

  3. That's so sweet, Melissa. And your house looks beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside!
    My little girl loves picking flowers to arrange - when I let her!! Forget-me-nots were her favourites when they were out.

    I'm waiting for our lavender to get big enough to pick!!


  4. Hi Melissa,
    Audrey looks so lovely picking lavender and walking bare feet, that's the Australian side in her, love your curb appeal, those bay windows, lovely! Enjoy the long weekend,
    Maureen x

  5. gorgeous girl, adorable photos!
    cheryl x

  6. She so reminds me of my Eva, your little Miss Audrey. Full of sweet thoughts for her Mum! And I bet that lavender smells as divine as it looks. Such a fresh, clean smell. And so pretty in those bottles. She has your gift for natural styling I see!

    I've just had such a lovely catchup on your wonderful sounding holiday. Such special memories you are creating together for your family. Makes me want to pack mine up and hop on the next plane over.
    Nice to have you back though! xx

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Cx
    P.S LOVE your house!

  8. This post is a-dor-a-ble!!
    xo Cathy

  9. oh Miss Audrey has it right, I woud be picking lavender everyday, too. i love the smell and wish i could fill my house with it right now, too. happy friday melissa!

  10. hi melissa :)
    your little girlie is too cute...i'd be out there picking lavendar too! i love that stuff!

  11. These images are divine. Love the one of her walking out the door on tip toes. I can almost smell that intoxicating scent of lavender - one of my faves.

  12. My little boy adores our lavender too. He rubs it in his hands and then continues to ask me to smell him over and over. I don't mind, because he smells amazing! Beautiful.

  13. Wow! What beautiful photos!
    I love what you did with the different vases. So cute!!!

    Good job and cute blog!


  14. Melissa, it's special to see your daughter enjoying her 'world'...outdoors, in the sunshine, smelling the lavender followed by the faithful cat! Robx

  15. What glorious lavender and a gorgeous, special little girl .....who will have beautiful memories af collecting lavender with her Mama one day while sitting on a sunny Sydney beach! X

  16. I just discovered your lovely blog. I'm just new into blogging this year & have just finished off my own blog on fashion, food, travel & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  17. Gorgeous pics Melissa. I kinda like all the lavender messy the way Audrey had it. Kids have this natural ability to not think things over too much. Their art and creativity is always so uninhibited, unanalysed and imperfectly perfect. I try too hard to make it look like they do! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, barefoot in the garden! Jac xx

  18. Mmmmmm I can smell it from here.

  19. Oh my! Audrey is such a doll. That is the sweetest thing I've seen for ages. She would find plenty new supplies here on Planet Baby ☺. J x


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