*ten on ten*...june 2011

ten on ten

10 photos taken over 10 hours of my day
on the 10th of the month
on my fave day
a friday

after a weekend of endless sports
football {soccer} tournaments
& horseriding
it's lovely to reflect on my friday
the last day of our 2 week half term holidays
{the lovely HS gal has been back a week- but Sol & Audrey are back tomorrow}

9am- coffee & washing up

10am- baking in my stripey french apron

11am- seriously cool playroom tent building

12noon- waiting for me...last day of half term holiday dvd mission

1pm- wrapping a present- the best book we've stumbled across in a long time
{we found it on the bookshelf whilst staying here}

2pm- making chicken stock for risotto dinner
yes she spends a lot of time cooking on the bench!

3pm- hanging out the last of the holiday washing on that brilliant rigged up clothes line 
that i strung up here

4pm- getting back to digging out some more space for the veges

5pm- fave new ruffles top & my *hunters*
gardening not finished again!

6pm- measuring risotto rice for dinner
wine in hand
yep on the bench to cook again

ten on ten
june 2011


  1. oooh, love the HUnters and that pretty blouse (wait-blouse? have i officially become my mother??) of yours! that is definitely one cool tent and i love that audrey is helping cook on the bench because that is probably the countertop, right? great set melissa! i was just trying to talk my man into hanging a clothes line for me today...i loved mine at our old house but have yet to get one here. happy sunday, friend!

  2. i love your set of 10! love that ruffly shirt...love!!

  3. Lovely pics. Envious of that sunshine... I would be cooking on the bench too...if I could fit on it! Have a dreamy Sunday gorgeous girl. Jac xx

  4. Hunters and ruffles, you are living the English dream baby! Love, love your ten on ten. thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  5. Aww, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I need to look for that book. Sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy your week!

  6. Love the top... In awe of your playroom... Seriously impressed that you make your own stock (I'm way to lazy)... every English gal or english gal at heart should have Hunters (mine are by the back door at all times... even in the summer, namely to stop mozzie bites on the ankles when watering first thing in the morning)... intrigued by the book (tell me more about it). Looks like a perfect day... very busy though! Have a great start to your weekend! Lx

  7. Love your posts with 10 in 10! Stripey French apron and measuring risotto my two top favs!
    xo Cathy

  8. Gorgeous photos! Love all the shots from above. Cheers!

  9. AWESOMENESS {Love from Lucy - 10 yrs old} That's how she'd like to describe your post above. I concur! I'm beyond impressed that you make your own chicken stock - wow!! I'm sure that the risotto was divine.

    The book looks v. interesting...rainy day here today, just the thing for a day like today. I've got pea and ham soup on the stove, the kids are painting and the two year old urban terrorist has relinquished his reign of terror whilst asleep on the couch. It's a good day. Hope every day in the week ahead is as delightful as the one above looks:) Meredy xo

  10. Ooh, I remember a certain eight year old loving to help cook whilst perched high on the kitchen bench....seems like yesterday....
    We are counting down the days to school hols here, can't wait.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely glimpse into your day.

  11. Love everything about these - so soft and dreamy. Adore the bucket of pegs, and that you dress so cute while gardening. My fave is the glorious light streaming in on the last risotto photo - bouncing off her face and the reflection in that fab tile backsplash. Lovely.

  12. I love the photos and the details of your day! My that risotto looks so good...:)


  13. LOVE your set. Your photos are beautiful! simply beautiful. :o)

  14. Love the ruffles...and the rice in hands! Such sweet pics! Happy Summer!

  15. Hi Melissa,

    These 10 in 10 posts are so lovely. It's so sweet to see all the things you get up to up there. You're children's lives look as though tehy're jam-packed with happiness.


  16. I LOVE the apron pic...I really love the whole set. I am on on island called Mauritius...curious if it is one in your new book!

  17. Gorgeous pictures Melissa, you even make the washing up look good! X

  18. Fabulous photos! Love, love, love the stripey mary janes on your daughter - do they make adult sizes ?? ; )

  19. hi melissa. i'm a new visitor here. magical photos you take. and i n this post, the stripes made me happy. i love the different stripes scattered in this post. i am now inspired to bring more stripes into our world. this cool magical world.


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