vintage milk crate love...

well...these are the little things that make the move abroad, 12,000 miles from home pretty lovely...
vintage milk crates & garden roses...
don't get me wrong...the experience is what we're really doing it for... ;)
but when an english vintage goodie finds me- it really does just send that message home that travel is heaven...
especially when it surrounds you with chippy old things to one day take home to the beaches on the other  side of the globe...

when we first started talking to people about our move to ol'Blighty three years ago...
we talked about travel...country living...the experiences that would shape us as a family...
what we didn't talk about...what we hadn't really considered was our day to day life here in the english countryside...
we'd had other friends live abroad...they did it all with Ikea furniture & a time frame...
we've done it with neither...& it's worked for us...
we've slowly gathered *bits* of england & europe that will continue to take us back to our time here when we are once more living with sandy toes & beach towels on the line...

so...with a beach house of our life stored back in Sydney...
we have gathered here a ridiculously huge lovely big whallop of vintage english life to add to it all...
our beach & country chippy bits, will one day all be thrown back in together & i'm hoping my usual *don't follow anyone else- just collect what you love- & it will all work* theory will kick in...

it's funny how a broken old metal milk crate can really make my day...
& it's even funnier that it now makes the hubsters- ok maybe not *makes*...but it's on his radar at last...
truly...the man walked in from work & instantly spotted the random roses & crate on the table...
"love that...!" he shouted to the kitchen, on the way to put out the re-cycling...
to be fair...he didn't stop & examine it as i had all day...
but girls...he noticed it and he commented...!
see...priceless memories...
i will recall his very interested slightly rushed comment when i see this sitting on my table, with shells & sandy beach towels, sunscreen & freckled faces one day back in Sydney...
"love that...!"

so...i guess the moral here is
buy chippy lovely old stuff that makes you happy
one day *others* will love you a little bit more for the memories

what d'ya think??


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  1. i love it too! especially with the bottles and gorgeous roses.. it's nice when the family appreciate things like that. it must be fantastic for vintage shopping there.

  2. It looks great, very effective with the bottle and rose xxx

  3. Seriously gorgeous stuff, Melissa. x

  4. I whole-heartedly agree Melissa...I can't wait to get home and throw all my new goodies into the mix...I just love the fact that I can say..."oh I found that in Devon..or Sorrento Italy...or in a puce in Paris". Aren't we lucky! Robx
    p.s. love your milk crate.

  5. i am so coming to your place for a cuppa and some 'chippy admiring' when you're back! x

  6. Oh, Miss Melissa. You're going to need an extra container to fit all these beauties in. Because you are bringing me back one of those beach deckchairs. Oh, and an old ladder like yours with the stencilled numbers (did I mention that?)! J x

  7. Just perfect. There's so much to pick up in Blighty. I know when I visit home my case comes back stuffed with all sorts of goodies. My family are amazed what I manage to pass off as regular luggage. I even went home with a pair of scales squeezed into my breast bump bag one time! And, like you, I too look around this old place and have a whole load of memories. That's what a home should be. Take care. Lx

  8. Hi Melissa, Thanks for your kind comment today. Yes, I've been following your story and your hard time with sorrow. I'm so glad God used my words to encourage today...it is a good place to be once we realize his grace is sufficient for us in all our trials.

  9. that is totally gorgeous - I love it. Your blog is pretty gorgeous too :O)

  10. Melissa, i love your crate! so very you and full of character! cant wait to see what you do with it back in your sydney beach house!!I did get your email i have been meaning to let you know! and thank you! i am glad to be able to bring even the tiniest little bit of comfort at this time ... you are in my thoughts...and prayers. Hope you are enjoying the last of the english summer, and hope that no one you know has been affected by the rioting - so awful...
    hugs and love, Laura xxx

  11. Couldn't agree more! Sibella Court says - create and decorate (your home) with things you love. Pia Jane Bijkerk says - enhance the everyday. Your style is utterly yours, beautiful and oh so unique. These style gurus would surely love to take tea at this table... and so would I!

  12. I love these!!! We have a few of them and use them as wine crates! Very handy and much prettier than those ugly wood ones from ikea et al! x

  13. All I can say is *SWOON* ... ok and the word 'envious' springs to mind ;) Enjoy your milk crate, it really is divine!! Sending huge hugs across the seas to you sweet Melissa ~ xx

  14. Wow! Look at the size of those roses! Beautiful!! And I love the milk crate. I've been on the hunt for one lately, but haven't come across anything yet. :)

  15. Oooo I like that very much.. my hubby notices nothing, even pieces of furniture :).. I can see that crate with lovely old milk bottles with a different flower in each one x

  16. Love old milk crates! I have one that I fill the glass jugs with zinnias.

  17. yes. finding chippy old English goodies would make for a great day! How fun. Love the milk crate.

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