a life made lovely with memories made of a vintage silver spoon...

today- a question...

do you ever wonder if you leave a little *moment* of yourself in someone else's life?

does this even make sense?

i had a lovely little *moment* with my girls, & a wonderful old man, who had a stall at a local car boot sale this past sunday morning...

he was delightful...he made the girls smile...he made my boot sale wandering just perfect...

from Newcastle {for my Aussie friends- that's Newcastle as in tassle- not Newcastle as in parcel!}

he was old school gorgeous...

started his chat with us, with the inevitable "your a long way from home love!?" & when we left his little stall, having spent all of a pound he called after us: "whenever you use those- just think of me love..."

we'd bought a silver serving spoon & a vintage tape measure for my bag- i like to carry one just in case...you know....

& his replaced my fleuro-ugly very practical hardeware store one-...

he told me it was "the pick of his stash"...that i knew my "tape measures"....how could i not love him!

so...do we ever do this for someone else? 
give them a moment of ourselves that they reflect back on?

i know, without a doubt, that every time i use my serving spoon, or my tape measure, that i will think of this lovely old man...voice & all, from Newcassel...

thankyou  sir...you made my boot sale-ing morning!




i'm quite liking giving you my little *almost-autumn-but-still-not-in-my-boots* updates

here's Sunday morning's fashion fix...
not glamorous i grant you- but real & but perfect for a boot sale lookie with the gals 
a Sunday arvo of movies & photographs with my big gal!

a life made lovely

enjoy it here


  1. Love this line!...do you ever wonder if you leave a little *moment* of yourself in someone else's life
    He did for you, and I bet he has a moment of memory to treasure as well!
    xo Cathy

  2. I have always thought people come and go in our lives, if not for a meer moment, but leave a lasting impression. I have had a few very dear friends throughout my life so far, some have come moved on, and some just wont go,haha!But it is the glimpses of those, special moments I guess,of an object or person we dont yet know, that leave a piece of themselves in our memories.Love those moments, and feel they are meant to be.
    He sounds like a real treasure...

  3. i love the "you're a long way from home, love?" line so sweet. i bet you hear that all the time as soon as people hear your accent. i love how you walked away with your lovely score at a car-boot sale and think of these things, melissa. i am sure this man and most people you meet savor the moments they had with you, even if just a few. this i know! love that spoon you nabbed, oh how i wish i could go car booting with you in the english countryside......

  4. Morning Love!
    Don't you just love the way the English use the word love? I can imagine you having your chat with him; my friends here are 90% coming from Britain, so I here it here too. I have an art work (will make a post someday) about this whole meeting people, crossing each others paths... I love these little encounters, so reading this post made me smile, sitting here in my morning pj's, one girl already out of the door to school, the other one is next....
    Oh, and the ruffles from friday....Love them! Sarah is a lucky girl with that gorgeous bag of yours! And the cushion, can I lean against it on one of our tuesday coffee meetings? Cheers honey, gotta run now, hugs from me to you!
    Maureen xx

  5. Yes indeed. I have moments that are gifts from people who (I'm pretty sure) have no clue that their attitude, disposition, kindness and warmth left an indelible mark on my heart. How lovely to keep the energy of these moments alive by sharing them in Blogland. Thank you!

  6. I have a similar memory Melissa of a rather large Irish character I met at Newark Market...he sold me some bone handled cutlery and said 'don't put that in the dishwasher luv'...to which I retorted 'of course I would'nt do that'...to which he replied 'you wouldn't believe how many people won't buy this stuff when they learn they have to wash it by hand'...so of course whenever I'm washing my cutlery in soapy water in the kitchen, I think of him! Great memories!! Robx
    p.s. lovely spoon.

  7. Lovely little
    story and the
    spoons are really
    special, both
    because they are
    pretty and because
    you were touched
    by this angel of
    a man. I do think
    that if we extend
    ourselves we CAN
    leave an impression
    that will last. It
    doesn't have to be
    a grand gesture; just
    a simple compliment
    can light up someone's
    xx Suzanne

  8. Yes Melissa, some people definitely do stay with your forever, it's true. What a lovely story. Your 'new'spoon reminds me of teaspoon I now have that was my Nana's, and I do think of her every time I use it. My faith in humanity was restored on Saturday morning when standing at the checkout and feeling less than wonderful, the couple behind me noting my pallour and nauscious demeanour, emptied my shopping trolley of party goodies, re-packed it at the other side of the checkout and insisted on pushing the trolley to park spot and loading up the ute for me! I was crying I was so grateful and couldn't thank them enough. So I will also remember them always. Small moments can be huge.
    Emjoy the rest of your week honey. We are breaking up on Friday for Spring Holidays. Yoo Hoo! It's kicked into beach weather here in the past week. Bliss.

  9. Hello you... I've missed chatting. I have no bloomin laptop at the moment!! So moments are few and far between on the old web. Anyhoo, I just had to come and see what you gals were up to. Geez, I wish I could be car booting. I was luck enough to be given a old pile of spoons on my last visit home. Make sure you give them a swish in the sink once a week or they'll tarnish. I'm having a serious case of home sickness at the moment! Although, I've been given the green light for a December visit!!! Love the birks and you have on my favourite nail polish. It's called 'Wicked' over here!! Take care Mrs. Lx


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