our day & a ruffly bag winner...

hello lovelies...last day of the summer school hols here...

ummmm....it's raining!!??

but today is one of those very very rare days that i'm ok with the rain...
it kinda let's me off doing any last minute *running-around-school-holiday-stuff* before tomorrow...
we're almost ready...almost...
i always seem to lose that special spot that i stash school essentials- you know that *special-place-to-put-school-stuff-for-after-the-school-holidays* secret spot...
'cause that's where i'm figuring all the sports/PE shorts are sitting!
so...we're just gonna assume that sport doesn't really start day one of a new term...surely!?
back to school...to soon for me!

i always see the last day of the summer hols through bittersweet eyes...
a happy, ready to be back to the routine of life...is met with a need to just hang out a little bit more...for just a little bit longer...
why is it that the kids always seem more ready to *head back* than their parents?
i think it's because they don't see it as the end to days of freedom & winging it...
they continue to do this, regardless of the distraction of school...

our eldest was reminded everyday, for the first 6 years of her school life, to put on her uniform...
it was like new news each & every day...
& she was happy to approach school like that- everyday was a surprise...
something in her life to be embraced...
maybe we should look at life a little more like that...it certainly doesn't allow life to feel mundane...

so...with a house of polished shoes by the front door & new hair ribbons in the top drawer...
we are almost ready...
if you're sending your kiddos back to the books this week- hope you find their sports shorts & take yourself out for a large coffee & maybe a spot of flower buying
we did good!!


 the ruffly bag had a gorgeous greek holiday
it sat by the pool
it saw the island
it hung out by the warm waters of the mediterranean
it loved moussaka 
it carried back feta & local greek wine to the villa
it made me smile

now i'm gonna send it's twin to the lovely

thanks to all of you who have left me messages, emails & comments
if i had a taverna load i'd give one to you all
...but you know that don't you...



  1. Congratulations to Sarah - I just know she's going to love her bag as much as I love the gorgeous bag I was ever so lucky to win in your last giveaway!
    I laughed at your back to school lost and found routine. It is certainly still a revelation to my Eva that each morning starts with getting up, getting dressed and eating breakfast. She is usually singing, dancing and checking out her moves in the mirror!
    Hope the school day starts brilliantly - I see the pencils are all sharpened and ready! xx

  2. Hello Melissa

    well in Australia here we are ready in a fortnight to start a 2 week school holiday break.

    I am one of those parents who loves school holidays.
    I am actually sad when little one goes back.

    I am so glad you had a great holiday - life need to be full of more of the holiday moments.

    sending you mummy strength and put your feet up to yourself for 10 mins.



  3. Nice for Sarah she won !! xxx......have a beautiful week darling,...love from me...xxx...

  4. SUCH a cute bag! you make everything look so lovely, ms.m :)

  5. That sounds like a good way to think about life. We know we make every day count but we need to remember to do this. I hope you find those jolly shorts soon and I hope they are nice and clean! Happy school days to your kids. Enjoy your first quiet day.

  6. mmm...moussaka. I'm hungry now :)
    The annual Greek food festival in our town is coming at the end of this month and I can hardly wait! I look forward to it every year!!

  7. ahhh, sounds heavenly. glad you got a nice break from the routine. our last day of summer is tomorrow...i have lots of mixed feelings about it. but that's the case with most things in life, isn't it? i like what you said...looking at each day with anticipation and joyful surprise. thanks.

  8. We are winding down to a couple of weeks school holidays here. It's starting to really warm up so I'm looking forwrad to a break in routine.
    I think most homes have one of those secret spots for school stuff that is a bit of a black hole. Sometimes I think you can be too organised and buy the stuff you need too early only to then 'lose' it before the start of term!
    Hope the new school year goes well for all your lot.

  9. Well done Sarah.. as usual beautiful shots...I was always sad when the kids went back to school, no more lazy days on the beach :) x

  10. Ooooh, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm reeeeally, reeeally excited!! Crazily excited! Yay!!

    I'm not sure my bag will get quite such an exciting life - jet-setting here, there and everywhere!! Have you warned it?!!


  11. Oh, congrats Sarah, you lucky duck! J x


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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