love is a greek island...

i don't think you truly know how much you miss the warmth of the sun, until it's upon your skin once more...
warm & lovely...it's what we beach-reared-country-living kids know...
& it doesn't get much better than this...
died & gone to heaven kinda lovely...
warm water...warm air...clear blue skies...

the patina of greek architecture...
oh how i so love these buildings...
simple, square, aged, perfect...
deep set windows, smooth tiled floors...
a cool retreat from the endless sunshine...

i'm sure a little part of our soul relates to the greek way...
to the fauna & the flowers, the types of plants we know from home...
the drama & strength of a gorgeously pink bougainvillea...
the dry thorny growth along the waters edge...
stones- smooth & endless under foot...

why does seeing your kids barefoot along the waters edge feel so right...
devoid of any electronic gadgets, computers, phones, toys...
just good old-fashioned wandering...constant teasing & giggling...stories...smiles...
kids niggle one another less when thrown outside & in the thick of nature & life...
i have endless proof of this-believe me!
our kiddos were born & bred into a life outside on the beaches of sydney...
beach towels...open front doors...sandy feet...life outside...
it took some adjusting to manage a day to day life indoors when we first made the move to ol'blighty...
& in winter they still need a daily dose of the outdoors to keep us all on track...
a daily dose of nature, light & sunshine...my answer to everything...

L.O.V.E is
an old wall...weathered & white...

& L.O.V.E is...
a perfectly square, turquoise trimmed house, wrapped in a simple sun-catching clothes line...

& L.O.V.E is
taking our gorgeous gypsies around the world

down cobbled alleyways
in picture perfect greek village 
on wandering hillsides

we're back to the reality of post-holiday organising...
school starts next week...
life rolls on..
so amongst the weekend sports 
helping friends move house
a fancy dress party for us big kids 
{it's been a veeerey long time, believe me,  since the last one!!}
seeing the movie to one of my all time fave reads 
"One Day"

i will have one of the kiddos draw a special gal's name  outa the greek pot 
for my ruffly bag give away & a bit of seriously gorgeous greek soap


it's lovely to be back here


  1. SUCH beautiful photos, I see you found the real Greece...clearly you avoided Club18-30 Central ;)

    Your hols sound wonderful, so glad :)

    I LOVE the white dress/smock that your daughter is wearing, so beautiful!!

    Welcome home :) XX

  2. absolutely dreamy pics, melissa. your children are so beautiful. it looks like you had a fabulous holiday.

    welcome home, my friend.

  3. Welcome home...enjoy a happy weekend...beautiful pictures from Greece.....xxx...

  4. Your pictures are just lovely - so sunny and happy.

  5. i so much enjoyed your beautiful, dreamy photos that really give the feel of being there! : )

  6. Ah yes... bliss! I took my son to Skiathos in May so can totally relate!

  7. Melissa you can really feel the love, the relaxation and the gratitude in this post. As a fellow Aussie I can certainly relate to the healing powers of sun and surf - I'm so glad you've had a great big dose of this tonic to help see you (and your family) through the colder months to come. I will endeavour to send you sunshine from Perth whenever you're low on reserves :-)

  8. Absolutely breathtaking photos!!! Love them, and I almost felt the warm air and sun...it is warming up here too! Thanks for sharing!

  9. melissa- you are all a bunch of gorgeous gypsies! what wonderful trip, oh how i would love to see some clear blue water and collect stones and check out that beautiful architecture. i just love those last two pictures. glad you are back, i missed you!!

  10. Welcome back Melissa. Gorgeous shots. I want to go back to Greece ... Now! So glad you had a wonderful holiday.

  11. You all look so tanned and relaxed. Sounds like a perfect holiday. And you're so right about the kids fighting less with a good dose of outdoors. Life improves instantly with a little sunshine. Welcome home!
    P.S Ruffly bag looks great nonchalantly carried in photo!
    P.P.S I'm sure a few chippy treasures made it home with you? Are you withholding....

  12. Stunning photos and I love the ruffly bag and your daughters white sundress. Perfect.

  13. nice collection of photos

    love it when other bloggers take us on tour to see all those special little off the beaten track places

    nice photo editing too

  14. I agree Melissa, there's nothing like the sun on your body...hasn't been much of it here this summer...the photos look great..what a beautiful place to visit...we were considering a hol to Greece (I mentioned it on my email...did you ever get it)...but it didn't happen, perhaps next year. Enjoy your week. Robx

  15. deliciousness. wish it was me but glad it was you! x

  16. Oh, Miss Melissa. We *must* make it there together one day, just the two of us. Are you up for it? J x

  17. So glad you finally got your patch of sun to soak in, lovely Melissa! I am sitting here at my computer at drab dining room table having a parallel universe beach village moment. Buggga..I'm still here. You've such a way with images and words that really does speak to the senses. Beautiful children too :)

  18. What stunning photos! I so wish I was there! X

  19. Such beautiful pics of your holiday and lovely family. A bit of sunshine always does wonders!! Glad you made it home safely.x

  20. I hope this works! Not very good at this computer thing and sometimes my comments don't go through.

    Love the pictures of greece! How wonderful! It was fun to go on your trip with you! lol

    I'm the same way....I NEED sunshine, and sand.

    However, do take a look at my recent post, there is a picture of MY mountain, and my bay there. I want you to see how pretty it is.

    There is also a cute shot of my kiddos.
    Have a beautiful day!
    God bless,


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