a giveaway- a ruffly tote & some greek loveliness...

we are outa here...
Rhodes here we come...
salt air...
greek wine...
sun-kissed kids...

are you getting how much this aussie gal...in the english countryside is missing some real sunshine...
i want to smell sunscreen...& salty air...& have beach towels over the balcony...
i want to see sun-kissed noses & happy faces under sun-bleached hair...
i want to hear *yasseau* & shop for big chunks of feta...
i want more of what we do whenever we hang out in greece with the kiddos...

more of  *this* & *this* & *this*.... 
(Alima the pickies are all to tempt you sweetie!!)

anyway this time it will be all about the kids, the weather & a pile of lovely books (thanks sweet gorgeous friend x)...
so...because the sunshine will make me want to smile...& share my holiday & to sew...
i'm thinking a little give-away is in order gals...
see this ruffly lovely tote i've made to carry greek bread & cheese in...a bottle of retsina & some sunscreen in...
well...i'm thinking i could make another ruffly lovely one...& stick a little bit of greek goodness in it...
& post it over to one of you bloggy friends...
what d'ya think?
you in?

so the thing is...whilst i'm away sunning & doing *kid-in-the-sun-kinda-things* between reading a pile of books & sipping ouzo...
i want you to tell me your thoughts on the tote...& ruffles on totes...
my old jeans could've been hidden i s'pose-but this is me in all my mid-week glory gals!!

so..to be thrown in the greek pot for the ruffly tote & the greek loveliness it's pretty simple...

a. be a follower up there...
b. *like* miss sew & so on facebook *here*
c. tell me your thoughts on a ruffly tote worn with old jeans...

yep ladies- that's summer in ol'blighty- i may have almost bare feet...but i still have my old jeans on!!

i gotta go finish throwing sunscreen & cossies into bags
happy summer whilst it lasts all

the giveaway is open all week 
every comment counts
every comment makes me smile 'cause i really loved making this bag!

see ya in a week



  1. I love the look of the tote with old jeans - so 'I look cool, even when I'm not trying', which si you all over, I'd say!!

    The tote is gorgeous! I LOVE it!


  2. I've been your follower for years now, it feels like (err, in a good way!!).


  3. ...and am now liking you on FB too! Yay!


  4. I LOVE IT!!! A frilly bag makes the jeans look like they are probably brand new designery jeans that are made to look old, therefore costing squillions :)
    The bag is beautiful. Filling it up with feta and olives and haloumi in the sun sounds divine.
    Have fun.

  5. I really really really like that bag !!!!...o yes yes yes !!!...count me in please.......love love love Ria...xxx...

  6. The bag you have in the picture is just adorable! It is a little rough with the canvas material and sweet & ruffly at the same time! What better mixture can you get than that? I would DIE to win one of your bags!!

  7. ohh... my first holiday on my was to Rhodes... I was 18 and it was with my *then* boyfriend... it was magical... I was always a sucker for old architecture and history. Rhodes town has so much history and then there's a cove which is alive with butterflies... I can't remember the name of it now, but you can always check with someone. The food is amazing and I think it's the Madonna Festival (as in Virgin Mary and not 'Vogue' fame)... If you get a chance to go to these, you should. The street fairs are amazing for food and it ends with them parading a gilded image of the Virgin Mary through the streets and then I think they go into the sea with her... Google to check... Have fun! Lx

  8. He Miss M!
    Greece here they come! If you wanted sunshine you could have hopped over to me, ten days and counting between 26 and 35 degrees we had and have here, pfff...but not complaining, you know I love me some sunshine! Anyway, great to see you and your Richie and the kids are getting some time away, in the sun, after these past months I can imagine how much you look forward to it...
    So, about the bag.... Ofcourse I am checking myself in for it! Btw, your other bag made it all the way to Spain and back, so to keep it company, a beautiful ruffled one, yes please!
    The nailpolish, the jeans, the slippers (aka flip flops), totally my style too, and the whole completes it for me! Now go and enjoy, have some family time and I'm looking forward to see the pics, hugs love,
    Maureen x

  9. Also, following I am, still do, and still will,
    Adios! x

  10. love the bag! gorgeous... especially with the faded old jeans!!
    i liked you on facebook.
    wow, have fun in greece..lucky you! : )
    look forward to the photos.

  11. How cute, the bag, and how gorgeous, you are!
    Love the style, aussie style I bet!

  12. You look lovely as always!! And your bag is just gorgeous, can't wait for your etsy shop! Ruffles are my favorite treat :-). Have a lovely break with your sweet family. Tanya x.
    P.s. Have followed you for quite a while here and recently on facebook. Xx

  13. Love your jeans! ruffles are great x

  14. Hello Melissa

    have a wonderful time (typing in green colour here - envy :)

    Well this Aussie gal is going for a walk as we have had a break of rain.
    So I am grabbing the pram and getting to it

    have a safe holiday too


  15. ahh! I could NOT love that ruffly tote more. I love the raw edge on the ruffles and the trim at the top. and was surprised at your comments on the jeans! they gave the photos the perfect character. i was admiring them from the very first photo! i have some like that - they are possibly my favorite thing to put on. they are comfort and happiness and me.

  16. also i follow (and i'm trying to conceal my jealousy that you're on your way to greece. have a piece of cheese for me.)

  17. Oh boy did you say Greece? That just happens to be my favourite country in the whole world! Seriously I could live there any day. Enjoy yourselves a lot and enjoy the lovely sun and sand. And please eat a piece of baklava for me too. Delish! Oh and lots of photos please.

  18. Oh Melissa..I'm so jealous...all that sun, sea and fresh air....have a wonderful time...look forward to hearing and seeing all when you get back. Love the painted toe nails with the thongs (I mean flip flops)...and the jeans are very cool. Have fun. Robx

  19. Oh Sweetie, I'm so glad to hear you're off for some R & R - just what the doctor ordered after your recent trials. Please throw my hat in the ring! J x

  20. You know I follow you. J x

  21. And I'm a FB liker as well. J x

  22. Great giveaway, I am a follower of your blog and Facebook page. I love anything with frills so this bag has my name written all over it, it looks great with the jeans, I have a pair like them so comfy xxx

  23. As if I needed pictures to tempt me! ha! :) If I could eat only one type of food the rest of my life, I would choose greek food. The mention of olives, feta, greek bread, greek wine - those are tempting enough. Then add in the pictures and I'm practically running to the airport! :)

    oh and I love, love, love the ruffly bag, jeans and flip flops! My kinda style! I am already a follower and already like you on fb :)

    Have a wonderful week in Greece! I'm coming along next year! :)

  24. Oh my lovely I am more than jealous (feel like I write this a lot to you-maybe I need your life!). Greece is my favourite and my best and I took total advantage of popping there regularly when I was home and now would have to save for a million years to take the family there :( i ate some real greek feta here in sydney the other day but it was missing one of those fat juicy red tomatoes (what DO they do to their tomatoes-probably nothing that's why they taste so good!).
    Anyway, of course I would love that bag and seeing as every pair of jeans i own are so old I'm guessing the bag will suit them down to a t.
    Have a plate of saganaki on me, happy travels xx

  25. I think the mix of old jeans and a ruffly tote are a perfect combination or girls casualness.

  26. I am already a follower.~Cheers Kim

  27. Very cute bag! I am loving over the shoulder bags right now too~Cheers Kim

  28. Lurve the bag Melissa. I've always been an over the shoulder bag girl. Think that comes from living in italy and avoiding the vespa bag snatchers. Hoping you have the most super dooper holiday in Rhodes! The Greek islands remain my number one chill out holiday destination. Aaaah it'll be so lovely.

  29. I am luving the tote and the toenails. Is that black polish? You are one funky mama! My toenails would love to be out in the sunshine. Enjoy your trip.

  30. Oh my! Be still my heart that tote is to die for and you look so awesome dressed up with it. I do not know how you could part with it but what a super awesome giveaway!! I am just liking you everywhere as it is just adorable. N x

  31. The ruffly tote looks great with the jeans and would look GORGEOUS alongside my ruffly old face!! LOL!
    Enjoy the Greek sun!

  32. I always love your totes and love this one too, I'm a jeans and flip flop girl too ..so I can just see me popping down the local shop with your very lovely tote on my shoulder :).. have a wonderful holiday Melissa! love what you did with those flower buckets by the way, will have to get me some number stencils :) x

  33. I think ruffles look great with anything.....how I'd love to be back in the greek islands....jealous....ciao Alison

  34. A gorgeous ruffly tote!!! A beautiful creation Melissa! Enjoy that sunshine, Greek food and ....ouzo? (least the food anyway!!!) ....soak up the sun!!!! X

  35. You are so wonderful - I have put you on my bloglist!

  36. Hey Sweet M ~
    I'm not going
    to enter as I've
    won a lovely
    from you last year
    and want someone
    else to have the
    wanted to say hello
    and wish you the
    BEST sunny-salty-
    delicious holiday!!
    Love to you!
    xx Suzanne
    PS: That is ONE super
    cute bag, though!

  37. Oh have fun in the sun!
    Sounds oh so marvellous.
    Love the bag, beautiful. Clever chicken.

  38. such a gorgeous tote! and worn with jeans... shabby, chic perfection.
    ; )

  39. Hope you're still soaking up that gorgeous warm sunshine Melissa, and the pile of reading material seriously attended to. I'm not sure about the retsina, but everything else on your holiday list sounds perfect, and I hope you are all having a great time together.
    P.S quite keen on the ruffles too! But then I'm a big fan of the very lovely tote I am lucky enough to already call my very own. xx

  40. You are rocking the ruffle tote (it's gorgeous) with jeans combo. My sister-in-law has moved to UK for four years and she is trying very hard to bust out the cossies soon :)

  41. Love love a ruffle or three and what better than with some jeans and some Noosa sand between the toes ;)

    I don't have Facebook (waaah) but if I did, well I'd like for sure :)

    Hope you enjoyed a well earned and much deserved break btw.


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