a love of travel...& life...making memories...


we are home from the gorgeous island of Gozo, off the coast of Malta...

we are home...& loving our life as momentary-part-time gypsies even more...

as i continue to rave...*there is nothing like the gift of travel for one's children*...

again...we fell in love with a new country...

again...we fell in love with a new culture...

again...our children learnt about the world & embraced differences & experiences as they always do...

there is nothing to compare to these moments...

when we first moved to the english countryside from the beaches of sydney, we thought about holidays in quite a different light...

as holidays perhaps more than life shaping travel experiences?

maybe we have just learnt to holiday differently?

our three years of travelling here, has impacted our kids in a way we didn't realise it would...

we've not seen a kid's club...or a tour leaflet...

just us & them...& experiencing as much of *this side of the world* as we possibly can...

all i can say to any of you thinking...contemplating a life change...

some time abroad...moving around with children...do it...grab the moment...embrace the change...

all the tiny moments of worry...stress...doubt...difficulty- & yes these are part of any life in any place-

all of these things pale into insignificance in comparison to the big moments of life...experience &

memory making...

our time away from *our gorgeous Australia* has impacted us in ways we could never have hoped for

...& we feel more than blessed...



a little moment of this i am posting to 

Alima from ten-sixty bliss

thank you all for the emails & FB messages- it's so lovely to be back




  1. good to see you back Melissa.

    such gorgeous pics and my favourites are the pebble heart one ♥

    hope you are smiling ♥

  2. Hi there gorgeous!!! wrote you a big long comment yesterday and lost the whole thing!! will try this quickly b4 i write too much to see if it posts!!
    laura xx

  3. worked!!!!
    okay, thanks for all your gorgeous pics of malta!! you know, i mentioned b4 that patricks sister lived there for 20 years and her kids and ex husband are still there!!! He used to go over all the time before we met!! It looks so idyllic! I remember seeing all the pics that his other sisters would send after their visits and the renovations on the farm house ... wish i could have had the chance to go over there! Might just check if the comment i left on your last post worked or not!! take care Melissa,
    lots of love! laura xxx

  4. Miss Melissa

    welcome back and how I have missed you!

    gorgeous pictures, gorgeous inspiration and gorgeous words.

    It was told to me by someone that I asked advice for growing up in business in my early 20's what they recommend for success and they said
    "travel is the greatest education"

    go figure - I've never forgotten it.

    have a wonderful day


  5. Oh Sweets, that looks like another blissful escape for you all. Just what you need to help hearts mend. Thanks for transporting me tonight. J x

  6. I missed your lovely posts. I'm so glad you had such a great time.

    Big hug,


  7. Lovely post Melissa, you certainly have got around while you've been in Europe - love this Aussie attitude to distances!
    Who needs tour holidays and kid's clubs - certainly not me?!

  8. Hi Melissa, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and that you are all home safely. You truly are giving your children so many amazing memories. And is lovely to see your gorgeous pics :-). Tanya xx

  9. Welcome back !! ..great pictures from good memories.....love from me...xxx...

  10. Amazing photos and perspective!

  11. Wow, what beautiful photos. The way you are sharing the world with your kids is amazing!
    Enjoy your week :)

  12. wow! beauutiful pictures of a beautiful place! I want to jump through the screen and come on an adventure with you! :)
    missed you while you were away friend! so glad you are back!

  13. gorgeous. simply gorgeous. it looks like bliss. you're right. your children are truly blessed with this gift of travel you've been able to give them. glad you're home. safe and sound.

  14. Hi Melissa, that beautiful blue/green Med looks magnificent...and I agree with everything you have said here. Malta is interesting...we visited last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, although we didn't get to Gozo. I think Malta flies under the radar a bit here as a holiday destination...and it's so direct...before you know it you're plonked in the middle of the Med...somewhere off the coast of Africa!!! Great photos, glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Robx

  15. Welcome back, I have missed you and your lovely photos. Glad to hear of your happy travels.

  16. It's so lovely to have you back Melissa. What stunning photos - I love the one of your three kiddos in front of that fabulous old green door. Travel is such an amazing experience, and I so admire you all for how you embrace it. I'm working hard on Brunnel to do a family thing in Europe next year.
    I'm thinking it looks as though you had the whole of Gozo to yourselves. Ahh for some warm weather and a beach...
    Any treasure hunting?

  17. Stunning images and unbeatable family memories! You have 'seized the moment' in the most inspirational way for your family! Happy travels! X

  18. Welcome back! Your post made me cry! Truly it did. It has given me much to ponder, contemplate and hope for. Thank you. Truly truly. Xx

  19. Amazing pictures! I absolutely agree that travel is such a wonderful thing to be able to share with your children. It broadens their viewpoints and educates them in so many ways. I hope we're able to continue to do so for our children as well.

  20. I LOVE your blog!
    I so wish I had the money to travel the world, my oldest girl would LOVE THAT~!


  21. Melissa,what a time you've all had! Malta looks amazing....I kept on expecting to see Horatio Hornblower and his crew arriving at any moment:) I love the idea of travelling as a family, not going to "escape" or relax, but to experience a new culture and a different way of living. This post is so inspiring...my jaw actually dropped at that photo taken from above of two of your children swimming in that rock pool. Gorgeous! Glad you're back though. Hasn't been the same in blogland without you. M xo

  22. gorgeous, wonderful photos melissa!! thanks for taking us travelling with you.

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