an *oh-so-very-easy-how-to* for the festive period...

a *how-to* for the festive period...

i may seem a little ahead of myself gals with a little festive *oh-so-very-easy-sewing-how-to*...

but depending on where you are in the world...thanksgiving's just round the corner...

there's also halloween...christmas...& endless summer bbq's if you're down the bottom end of the globe

or cosy warm dinner get togethers if you're at the top end...

we love to take wine to friends...it's not necessarily for the evening ahead...so to wrap it up 

especially for your hosts is worth the extra effort...

& these simple fabric bottle covers can be cut up in bulk, ahead of the season, sewn up when you have

a spare moment or two & pulled out when needed...

they take no time at all...& can be touched up to match the season with different ribbon or rope around

the neck of the bottle...

add a vintage luggage tag...& it is a lovely *extra* thank you gift for your hosts...

or a great gift idea for a male...the one you really know would love a gorgeous bottle of red,

but for who you'd like to wrap it up a little bit specially...

so...here it is the *oh-so-very-easy-sewing-how-to* to get you through the festive season...

what you need to do:

1. fabric rectangle 14" long by 12" wide

2. sew up the long side leaving the base open

3. cut a rough 4" circle & pin right sides together- {ie the good sides} forming what will be the base

4. sew around the circle twice, for extra strength

5. turn inside out, iron & once the bottle is in trim the top to desired lenth

6. tie with rope, beautiful ribbon, hessian or calico & top with a tag or luggage label

these would also be perfect for home-made oils...
christmas syrups...
the pattern can be altered to fit jars of home-made chutneys
or jams...

an easy *how-to* that anyone can whip up - i promise you...

happy sewing

we're outa here...bottle in hand...
heading out through the countryside for a 
night away

don't forget to enter my *miss.mollie* give away {here}

see ya monday 


  1. oh, you make these things look so easy, don't you? i have a feeling mine would not turn out quite so cute. i love that these don't look too holiday-ish so they can be re-used for different celebrations, holidays, etc. cute!!! have a great weekend! XX

  2. Gorgeous!!
    You're such a clever thang!
    Thanks for the great ideas xxx

  3. Sigh. All I need is a sewing machine!! And to get some sewing savvy!

  4. I think I'm going to give this a go. I am not a good sewer, but I could attempt this. They are so lovely and such a great idea. Leahx

  5. Oh Miss Melissa, you have a heart of gold for sharing this with us. Am bookmarking it for future use! J x

  6. so cute and easy! great idea. i love quick and easy, but cute gifts :)

  7. Great idea, again Melissa, cheers!

  8. These are lovely Melissa. I love the fabric. I made similar ones last year out of hessian and they turned out ok. I didn't do the circle at the bottom, I think that looks very nice. Thanks for the tutorial, I will try and make some to give away this year.


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