A Giveaway- Christmas Ribbon & Ikea love...

morning from ol'Blighty- where it's getting chillier as the days roll on...

i've got my ikea stash all ready to show & tell...

Christmas decor inspiration i hope...

& also a Christmas *loving-red-&-white* ribbon giveaway...

when i started raving about the BB & my visit to ikea {here} i hadn't actually opened all

my ikea bits up & snapped them for you...

all my pickies of gorgeous ribbon were not from ikea, but a shop in our village...

they were the start of my love affair for all things red & white this Christmas...

but- since you were all so in lust with the ribbons- i've got a pack to give away this week along

with some other {Miss Sew & So} Christmas bits...

{be a blog friend here & on face book {here} & of course let me know what you think of my


so...here's my swedish Christmas stash....

the lead up to Christmas is always full of extra's...

extra people dropping by...& inevitably extra meals thrown between the standard one's...

these napkins are totally Christmas with no effort at all...

white tablecloth...greenery in jars up the middle of the table & these gorgeous paper napkins...

& yep the BB & i bought a few...

i'm not a massive tinsel lover...our kiddos are...

i try- but it just doesn't ever do it for me...

too bit-sy...

too shiny...

too tinsel-ey...

then we found this...

white...sweet...perfect...my kinda tinsel...

the other thing the BB & i wanted was reindeer...

they are huge pretty big in Christmas decor over here...

since we moved here from Oz, we've seen plently of wild deer & stags in our trips to the Outer

Hebrides off Scotland {here}

the kids truly fell in love with them in the wild...

& i want to take that love home with us to the beaches of australia in all shapes & forms...

these are divine... & the paper print is gorgeous...

now...as you know we are packing to head home to Oz after nearly 4 years here in the english 


this means no more unnecessary purchases- i get that...

but these Christmas glasses were soo flippin lovely & so cheap inexpensive, that i figure we'll just use

them to keep the kiddos feeling Christmas-ey here & then add them to the BB's stash later...!

the perfect 6-pack ;)

&...lastly these little hanging peace doves that i've bought each year we've been here in 


they are beautifully simple...light to take home...& one little miss.6 loves making their wings for


i don't really need any other reason to throw these in my hand luggage back to sydney...

so...i'm hoping...thinking...that there may be some ikea-love from some of you here...

i'm gonna send out the ribbons below just to get you started...

leave a comment...be a FB friend...& i'll draw the Christmas Ribbon Giveaway at the end of the


leave a comment each day for extra entries...every day counts...

little miss.6 & i spent an hour in front of the fire on sunday afternoon hanging & tying 

& talking Christmas as only kids can...

i felt inspired- bless her...

go get yourself to ikea if you can


if not...get into this giveaway to start your inspiration for christmas

...ikea is my *favourite & best* at Christmas...



pop over to my gorgeous friend Maureen's {here}

she's got some more fave & best goodies she's sharing...



  1. When I saw your post yesterday, I rushed straight upstairs to BEG my husband to take me to Ikea there and then!!

    Your purchases are making me green with envy!!

    I am a very happy follower and would LOVE to be entered into your giveaway, please.


  2. Great stuff! I love anything christmassy!
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway.
    Claudia xxx

  3. I have been to Ikea twice for my favorite Christmas shopping...and posted about it. I am decorating in white, grey, and a bit of black this year...so Ikea's grey and white christmas stash was it for me! But I loved all the red and white they had alongside the grey and white...made me want to get some. But I thought no, no I can wait till next year. I must have missed that you are heading back to Australia for the holidays. I'm sure you are very excited. Though it is always so lovely to be in the country of 'cold' climate and if your lucky snow for the holidays. ox

  4. Oh Melissa you sure do know how to shop well! It's all so very lovely. Those birds are the cutest idea. The pretty red pattern on your other bits and pieces are so sweet. Oh if only I could pop over to IKEA but sadly we don't have one yet over here in NZ. I haven't been to one in 14 years!! Oh the torture of seeing what they have on your blog is almost too much.

    I don't like tinsel either but I do love those snowflake garlands. What fun you are all going to have decorating this year. Enjoy!

    Sorry I can't follow you on FB. I don't do FB. Thanks for the show and tell anyway.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  5. Your house is going to look amazing with red and white at christmas, we need a look around when you have decorated ;) Great giveaway ribbon always goes down well!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Please count me in on your lovely giveaway. I love Ikea too. It has been way to o long between visits and at least two. Years is nice I have been there at Christmas. It,s a two hour trip for me, so it doesn't happen very often. Have popped over to visit you on FB

  7. gorgeous christmas things!! love it all. the white paper garland is very cute.
    looking forward to my trip to ikea soon i hope.

  8. Well Miss M, lovely as always was this post! Although I'm not a fan of red I do admire it in other homes; the bird however is my favourite! Is that too from Ikea? I never noticed it before, have to get another look soon; and thanks so much for joining the linky party, I LOVE your last photo, it's so *you*! Mxx

  9. I bought the wrapping paper in the print-love it! always need ribbons. lovely giveaway. (ps. loving your typewriter shots-stunning)

  10. I love love lurrrrrve Ikea! I am having Ikea withdrawals as we don't have one in our town. I am thinking I shall have to plan a trip to the Big Smoke and go nuts in there! Love the gorgeous red ribbon and would love to be considered in the giveaway. Have fun decorating and soaking up all that wintry Christmas while you can! xo Rachel

  11. Loving your christmas stash and your typewriter shots. May have to take that hour trip to Ikea.

  12. You have such great taste and sense of style.
    I love it all!!
    Great inspiration for Christmas.

  13. fun! I can't wait to go this week!

  14. Love the red and white ribbon! Also those gorgeous reindeer, mmmm may just have to get me some of those, prancing around a window frame, I think yes :)

  15. LOVE the stuff you got in Ikea - what's not to love about those guys :)
    A happy follower already (anyaadores) and have liked you on FB.
    Happy tuesday and fingers crossed,

  16. Will you make it over HERE before you leave me in the chilly Northern Hemisphere?? Happy red and white Xmas to you :)

  17. Hi Mel, you know, i kind of feel sad that you are leaving england...it has been such an amazing journey; from a readers point of view.. I know that you will miss it. I do know though that you will definently find a new boho chick groove when you get back to the beach and your old family and friends... there is so much for you to look forward to and ol blighty will forever be in your heart - and your childrens...
    Having said all that!!! I love your christmassy stuff! love `your` tinsel!!! with you one the other stuff though!!! even the smell of christmas tinsel is yuck... reminds me of the sad tree decor we had as children!!! my mum never shared my love of fine display without tackery!!! (not sure if thats a word, but deserves to be a real one!!!)
    count me in on your giveaway!!!! will add it to my bloggy blog tomorrow!
    much love and hugs dear lovely country gal!
    laura xxx

  18. I have a serious crush on your reindeer. They are gorgeous.I have just read Lauras comment and feel a little sad about your move too. I can't believe how sane your blog posts are when life must be fairly chaotic right now. Mind you, I am so happy you will be back home with family.

  19. Oh Sweets, count me in from IKEA-less Hobart! Swooning down here, you lucky duck. J x

  20. And of course we're FB buddies ☺. J x

  21. Love all of this....must get to Ikea but to win would be wonderful!!

  22. oh i miss ikea...we live 2 hours away now...waaaaaaa. got to get there soon.

  23. Planning an Ikea trip this weekend (girl's Christmas shopping get-together) I love their Christmas collection ♥ The red and white reindeer are adorable!

  24. Lovely decorations and gorgeous ribbon - you have fantastic tastes!

  25. What a lovely post! I love all of the red and white ideas. I hope the Ikea over here has all of these goodies.

    Thanks for popping by today. Lovely to meet you!

    Best wishes,

  26. Fill me right up with ikea-envy why don't you melissa! I adore red and white all year round, and it's my christmas colour scheme of choice too. I love it when our little ones inspire us with those sorts of conversations full of excitement - especially if you're making things together. You do Christmas SO beautifully!

  27. Red, white and Ikea - love it! And I don't need me drill and tools for this like the Ikea furniture! Those peace doves definitely need to go to Sydney with you!
    xo Cathy

  28. I have just been to Ikea especially to buy the
    crocheted white star decorations-love the white snowflake garland but they were out of stock.
    Love the ribbon-would be perfect for gift wrapping this Christmas, Cathie xx

  29. How did I miss this post!!! Ugh! Hope I'm not too late to enter the giveaway. To be truthful, this post is a giveaway all by itself. There is just so much Christmas inspiration. I am right there with you girlfriend on the tinsel scenario. Love to chat, but I've got to organise a trip to Ikea for the weekend and hope that the snowflake garland and all the other loveliness hasn't been sold out. Meredy xo

  30. As I havn,t been around for a while I missed that you are leaving our shores to return home, I do hope you will continue to post from over there I look forward to catching up with you on google reader.
    Count me in for the giveaway
    Im already a follower will add you on facebook

  31. Hi, I'd love to be included in your giveaway. I so wish we had Ikea here in tassie. I just adore your reindeer! :)

  32. The red and white reindeer are beyond adorable. Red and white are the Christmas colors of our generation.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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