happy Christmas planning...

evening girls...

back from ikea, in front of the fire, glass of wine in hand, thinking all things festive...

 i love love love the planning...the lead up...the list making before Christmas...

but {this year}, as you know, i am leaving most of the *doing* to others...

not that i can't enjoy a few Christmas goodies that will be easily shoved in packed in my suitcase

don't know how you gals work...let me know...i love christmas banter!

i start with a colour theme that revolves around white & silver...& usually add my fave colour


but this year i have had a yearning for just a good whallop of red...red...& more red...

i think for me, red represents everything i love about england...

it's a heart warming, snuggly, cosy up kinda colour...to me it's england in winter...

so i've chosen my colour for this year- our last in england...

i've been to ikea with the B.B {British Bestie} today & topped up on red & white...

& i've bought way too many metres just enough beautiful red & white ribbon to start me getting

organised & ready to play wrap the piles in brown paper bags in my sewing room...

 if you have an ikea in your country in driving distance- i recommend you hot foot it there...

i'm home to late to show you all my goodies today- i had a fire to light & a chook to fill full of garlic

& to shove in the oven...

i'll leave the show & tell till monday...

but suffice to say- the christmas shop is finished off with a last dash at the food store, which now

carries very very very cool bottles of mulled wine...

will let you know how this goes down too- if nothing else the bottle make for gorgeous decoration...

so that's it from me

in all things ribbon


red & white

see ya monday for some christmas decor inspiration!

...happy weekend gals...



  1. Oh gosh I so *LOVE* red!! (so much so I painted my front door red of our little beach house this year)
    This little array of ribbon just makes me want to swoon.
    Love, love, love it Melissa!
    Btw we do not have an Ikea in Tasmania, so I will have to do without the Ikea ribbon,but will be on the hunt for something similiar.
    Cheers to the mulled wine. Never had that myself, but I imagine it would be lovely in a cooler climate.

  2. I just went to the new Sydney store last week. Was super excited by the Christmas bits n pieces but didn't spot those lovely ribbons! Gutted. Might have to do a return trip ....oh damn! :)

  3. Lovely pics as always Melissa, I might have to pin one of them. I need me a trip to ikea. One of my netball friends mooted the idea of a netball trip to Ikea. Sad isn't it. Netball trips used to be to the Gold Coast or some drinking destination. Can tell my group is ageing.

  4. We DO have an IKEA
    about 30 minutes away,
    but I never seem to get
    there; it's always a big
    production : ) Now I'm
    sorry as my next week is
    too chock-a-block to make
    the trip.....maybe after
    our Thanksgiving holiday
    is over and the kids are
    back in school. Looks like
    you are off to a JOLLY start,

    xx Suzanne

  5. I can't believe you got those ribbons from Ikea. They are gorgeous. Did the deer come from their too? I'll be checking in Monday for your christmas inspiration, and I do love me some christmas banter as well. Have a great weekend. Leahx

  6. i'm so going to ikea...just for that ribbon! soo so going! :)

  7. I don't think of Ikea for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up about visiting there this time of year. Beautiful ribbons, did you get the reindeer there too?
    Have a joyous Sunday!

  8. Ah, Melissa, you're tormenting Kat and me, you teaser! If only our nearest IKEA weren't in Melbourne...Absolutely loving those ribbons, my friend, even though you know I'm a blue girl, too. J x

  9. I feel a trip to Ikea coming on! Love♥love♥love♥ the ribbon!! Cx

  10. Hello you... I've missed catching up and as I read this, I see that this is your last Christmas in Blighty... and just as we've decided to move back there... but that's by the by... Red and white... my perfect colour combo. It features heavily in this old house... I'll have to pop to IKEA while over in Blighty. I have a week left before I jump aboard my favourite 'red' plane and hoof it back to England... Can not wait! Hope you're having a great weekend! Your friend. Lx


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