vintage chairs, village markets & a B.B {british bestie}...

our village market- the B.B {british besite} & i are taking you with us this morning...

we want your opinion on this seriously cool rocking vintage chair...

patch-worked by hand- re-stuffed all squishy & perfectly snuggly...

perfect for B.B's bay window...perfect for C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S....

you hearing this Mr.B.B ?

i can assure you your christmas will be full of festive cheer ;) if you bobbed down & picked up this 

piece of patch-worked heaven for her...you listening !?

this is the same little stall that had the blue side board last week... {here}

& i know from your emails & comments, that  a few of you would've whipped that in the back of your 

people mover.. 

it's also the same little secret spot that the B.B & i got our french potato baskets from...{here}

man do we need to get her this chair...

anyway- the seeds have been sewn with Mr.BB & all 20 of our fingers are crossed...

maybe a quick "how are you lovely Mr.BB- did we mention it's V & A fabrics" text may nail it?

between this gorgeous chair & my big old country house there was also a *house sale* on this 


i really just needed a wander with her & a look at old stuff vintage bits this morning...

some time out from the list ticking & the endless at times a little overwheliming planning...

we did good....real good...

a great old typewriter & some wonderful old cotton reels for me...

& a perfect vintage milk bottle that we worked out was over 50 years old and that was produced for

the dairy farm not far from the B.B's folks house- for her...

i love that...the history & connections...

so...another gorgeous crisp wander through my little part of ol'Blighty...

with thoughts of both days on the beach in Australia & days snuggling up with mulled wine & the 

BB on this chair dancing around in my head...

yooohoooo...Mr.BB this is for you...

the BB & i are bringing you back here over the weekend

for the lighting of our village christmas tree


a mulled wine or two

you in?




  1. This really made me laugh...you girls are funny!!

    What a great sale you went to, lovely things...she SO needs that chair!! Good luck!! X

  2. ooohhhh, i've sent those texts before too! :) they usually work...well, sometimems :) looks like a super fun day!

  3. Well if I knew where you were then that chair would be in the back of my car by now, its gorgeous!!! Look forward to seeing photos of your Advent calendar when you have finished, mine seemed to take forever!!
    Have fun at the sale!

  4. I'm most certainly in! (In fact bringing Hubby, Son and Pooch - thank you very much!) And perhaps I can help with the desired chair? Sending telepathic "vintage fabric, comfy and cosy, perfect for reading" vibes to Mr BB as I type :-) xx

  5. On the wingback chair...it's a goer. Love it's crumpled look.

    And you would be welcome here for a coffee or anything else that takes your fancy anytime.

  6. The chair is a must. Sometimes you just have to buy yourself a Christmas gift, ya know? :)

    Can't wait to see what's in store this weekend.

  7. I hope you get your chair, how comfy does it look?

  8. Hi Melissa and Miss BB,
    (how are the odds of her getting the chair so far?) I bought a typewriter like that in france too! gotta love them! looking forward to the next girl trip, enjoy the weekend, I will be in Manchester. (also, I have a little linky party monday, want to join?) big smile from me to you,
    Maureen xx

  9. Giggling in Hobart. Loving the typewriter. And I'd love to see the cotton reels (my Etsy purchase of some arrived this week - snap!) and the milk bottle. Have a fab weekend, Sweets. J x

  10. Funny....
    That chair looks so snuggly and I think your BB just has to have it as a momento of your friendship. Maybe she could throw that one in a text to the hubby?
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Love the type writer.
    I just got one today actually. I had to get it repaired, but it looks like brand new when its actually from the 1930's. It works perfect I'm excited to use it and write love notes to my hubby.. ;)



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