virtual coffee- i love you bloggy gals...

if i could just reach out & hug all of you i would...

thank you for being so *there* for me when i shared our news {yesterday}

i've bought you a coffee...an amaretto coffee no less for being just so wonderful & 


a christmas coffee for you full of blog love & a good shot of italian amaretti...

sharing that huge, life changing {again} move back to the gorgeous beaches of sydney, australia

has just got me back on track here...

i love you guys- & i love to share my life here in the english countyside with you daily...

for the last little while i feel like i've not been acknowledging this massive decision with you gals that

are so much a part of my day to day here...


i just feel like we are now all on the same page of my crazy book & that we can all do this 

together...blogging all the way!

so...if you're happy to be along for the ride, grab that coffee for our weekly virtual catch up & i'll

share a few things...

i know so many of you have loved daily visit to my little piece of the english countryside for a looong

time now & i know there are some of you i've just met...

i want to take all of you on the journey from this life here in the countryside of england ...

back to our life on the beaches of australia together...

we're working like crazy people here, as you may well imagine...

we fly home to Oz december 20- yep 5 days before the big man himself arrives...

mad i know- swig that coffee gals- there's more...

so...i'm planning packing, crating, last minute collecting ;) , kiddo-ing, school sorting on two sides of

the globe, christmas gifting....& massive emotion dealing each & every day at the moment...

this little spot of mine is going to carry me through it all...

you'll all help carry me through it all...

i have endless idea's for christmas still swimming round in my head, though in reality this year, 

all the moments i love are going to really be left up to someone else {thanks mum!}...

so i figure...this little ol'blog here is going to allow me to still indulge in all the things i love whilst

still ticking off that flippin massive pretty long moving list...

i've left my christmas deco's from the last few years, collected here in england, in their boxes &

i'm just going to have the simplest of things around us...

the kiddos are still gonna want some festive in their days-& to be honest i need it as much as they


so you & i can still share all out christmas crafting & present thoughts...

& i can attempt to not go overboard...

the last thing we need is yet another crate of goodies to lug home!

{see my sweet, patient man- your words really do sink in...}

so...if we were really sharing italian cookies & an amaretto coffee dear bloggy friends...

i would let you have a leetle go of my stamping set...

courier type face is one of my fave style of lettering...

i use these stamps constantly pretty regularly...these are the start of my christmas tags...

i bought the fab little library-card-pocket-bags from my very inspiring, table decorating wiz of a blog

friend leanne- who's shop & blog is {here}

i have had these month- in anticipation of christmas tagging...

i'll show you the finished tags this week with some christmas wrapping to get us all off my list ticking!

& 'cause the amoretti has gone to my head- man those italians do it strong- i would also let 

you have a bit of a stamp with my french numeral stamps...

these are on hessian for my advent calender...the one i'm desperate to make amongst the list ticking

& endless-do-we-need-this-on-the-beaches-of-sydney decision making...

that's gonna have to wait till the end of the week...as i'm learning the serious art of prioritising ladies...

{yep heard that *at last* sweet man o'mine!}

so...if we were really meeting for our weekly virtual coffee i would hug you tight again - just in 

case you missed the first one...

i'd take you for a walk up our village high street together...just 'cause we can & soon we can't...


i'd ask you to take this big journey home with me...'cause the thought of doing it together sounds so

much more lovely than doing it without you...

happy tuesday from the english countryside gals...

x o x o x

for more swilling coffee's & goss

head over to see my lovely friend amy {here}


  1. Oh Melissa what huge plans you have! Wow! I love that you know it's the right time to go home. These decisions must be so hard to make. I can't believe you are still making advent calenders etc! I love the look of those stamped numbers on the linen. I must look out for some stamps myself.

    The best thing about blogging is that we won't miss you 'cause you'll still be there in the same place. How neat is that? Best of luck with all the packing and sorting. I don't envy you there.

    Love to you xxx
    Sarah Red Gingham

  2. keep calm.. love those letter and number stamps!!

  3. best virtual ameretto coffee i've ever had ;)
    love your stamping! i have been a little obsessed with stamping myself lately (on clay tags). i also plan to use them for christmas gifts! so fun!

  4. Man you're good! already ticking christmas stuff off the list... I'm not even in the start-up fase... I'll better get to it soon... love the red in this post, now it's off to bed for me, later hon!
    Maureen x

  5. A great coffee... just what I needed... thank you! And wishing you a smooth month or so ahead as you make the big move back to hot, hot, hot oz. gxo

  6. wishing you the best of luck, miss melissa. if anyone is up to the myriad challenges of such a move, it's you. i'll be thinking of you in the next few weeks...


  7. that brought tears to my eyes Melissa - but I can get a bit like that with a boozy coffee! I have a soft spot for courier typeface too - so low tech and simple... just like hessian... just like your Christmas preparations should be this year - you have so much to do. Keep calm, we'll be here, you'll be just fine. xx

  8. Oh I missed the news yesterday, but that is big news indeed! It is such a huge effort to move so far (and right before Christmas too!), but I'm glad to hear this move feels just right for you all. And oh hon, do I know about the buckets of tears.

    Good luck ticking through that list and I hope everything goes smoothly in the transition!

  9. That coffee was delicious! Exciting times are ahead for you all! We will be welcoming you home with smiles as sunny as the days! I say stash as much s you can in those boxes and suitcases... my only regret coming home was that I couldn't bring home any more treasures! There is always Internet shopping though! I am looking forward to sharing your journey! X

  10. Oh Gorgeous Girl I can't imagine all the mental, let alone physical, juggling you are doing now. Please take care of yourself, okay? You have so much on your plate. Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  11. Oh nice job with the little bags and stamps (and thanks for the mention) - hope the packing goes smoothly and quickly! Leanne xx

  12. All I can say is goodbye winter, hello summer! And Christmas on the beach, well, let's just say it sounds pretty good right about now! Good luck with all the craziness and we'll be along with you all the way (even those of us who rarely comment).

  13. ooh, i would love to have an amaretto coffee with you, i would even help you go through the kid's stuff while they are at school, i have been on a real roll with it at my house, i think i have finally caught the "organizing bug"...man, that took a long time! : ) i adore those french number stamps, so cool. i bet your BB is going to be so sad without you...glad I found you in this crazy online blogging world!

  14. Can't believe that amongst all that you have to do right now, you're still able to make a little love-liness with those stamps and tags - love the stamps on the hessian! And that sweet man of yours might just not notice another crate or two of treasures - squeeze them in! xx

  15. So glad I have found your blog, it is such a delight.
    You sound like an amazing lady who is actually a juggler in disguise! (loved that line in the movie "I don't know how she does it.")
    Can't wait to see your crafty stuff.
    I am so uncrafty, but love to be inspired by others talents.
    Happy packing!
    Oh and I normally don't drink coffee but in this case I will make an exception, or just make mine a hot chocolate ;)

  16. Oh good lord, I missed the announcement yesterday! Big news indeed! You must be devastatingly excited! If it makes you feel any better, I have moved house right before Christmas several times (OK, I've never moved to a different continent, and I don't have any kids...but I still feel your pain!) and it's not particularly mor stressful than moving at any other ime of year :) Wishing you all the best of luck for your grand move, and I hope you get to see some good old English snow before you leave x

  17. Okay... Caught up... home on December 20th... yowzers!!! You have a lot to plan girl... my move back to Blighty has a year time frame... and that will be a bloody miracle if we manage it!!! I can't wait to read your about your move and settling back on those Aussie beaches! Take care my friend! Lx

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