virtual coffee at my local food market...

mooorning- ready for a virtual coffee...autumn style....vintage china...crisp air...chippy chairs...?

welcome to our little part of the english countryside...

let's have a little wander with our coffee's today...

a market wander - you know that little local produce market i keep mentioning - well i think you should

grab your hat & scarf & come take a lookie for yourselves...

it's officially winter- we've had our first proper frost across the school playground, on car windows

& the garden this week...i think it's pretty & signifies the seasons are changing yet again...

so...with winter here, i don't want you to miss our local monthly market before it get's to cold...

you gals from *down under* won't want to see it in a week when you're back at the beach every day!

come on...this is one of my fave bits...the cheese stall...

the produce here is gorgeous...you can pretty much taste test the entire haul here- the guys who run it

are lovely...they know their stuff...& i can never come away empty handed...

they still wrap butter the old way- in paper...local farm butter in paper...

heaven for an aussie beach girl who'd only ever bought her butter in plastic containers till moving

*up here*...

if we were really having a coffee & a market wander this morning...i'd probably ask you 

where you are heading back to...as the goodies at this stall are going to tip your luggage quota 

over just a leeetle...

this is the stall where i lunged upon found {this} hessian farm sack... {these} vintage 

potato baskets...

it is an ever changing inspiring little stall that i could pretty much buy from every month...

perfect for {coastal farming} inspiration...

now...if we were really rugged up, arms linked, wandering round our village square i would buy 

you an old oar...some quail eggs...some local meat...& lend you my hunter wellies...

i would want you to know for a day- what it's like for a beach reared gal from Australia, to wander up

the road in her village, to a local produce market & to shop for her family...

it's not too bad is it....!?

so i'm going to leave you to keep wandering...i'm going home to put on a casserole...& to find you

another case for all your excess luggage...

...thanks for dropping by....


sharing a coffee round my little part of the globe


happy tuesday



there's some more coffee's & gossip to be shared 

{here with the lovely miss.amy}

& some reflecting on the good life 

{here with the inspiring beach loving miss.sarah}


  1. What a lovely post! I loved wandering around town with you like this! :) It was a Perfect day!!!

  2. oh,my.
    i am telling you, if it was possible right now, eric and i would be on our way there. i was showing him your photos the other day and he agrees ; ) the local shopping is to die for, the cheese stand could get me into a lot of trouble! thanks for the coffee this morning and for letting us walk around your village with you.

  3. I love the market. =) Your blog is adorable!

  4. Ummm, yeah...after that I'm never going back "home" So Awesome. Oh, and I totally love the oars {reminds me of my days on the crew team} and Hunter wellies are on my xmas list.

  5. Oh my, did you see those blue drawers?! They are heaven. What a very beautiful market. Love the butter in paper, how natural and fresh. Thanks for the lovely morning, it was such fun.

    Sarah Red Gingham

  6. i would just LOVE having a real cuppa with you at a farmer's market! i would pay BIG money to do it! love your photos as always and your sweet english hospitality. love :) thanks, sweet sister.

  7. I would love one or two of those oars. I really need an oar in my cottage. Don't have even one! and I was a rower in college. I love markets and I think that would be my favorite part of living in an English village. That butter looks amazing. Mmmm...we use real butter too. Not many do here in California.

  8. Just discovered and thoroughly enjoying your blog from New Zealand. I so relate to your earlier comment about the challenge of finding a blog that really rocks. Am inspired by yours. Thanks. Jane :)

  9. wow! you are so lucky to have that market so near! And that butter! I would do a lot to get my hands on some butter like that. Did you notice how yellow it is compared to the butter from a grocery store (at least ours in the states). That means those are healthy cows roaming and eating grass, as they should be.
    Such a great place. Wish the coffee wasn't virtual and that I was really there exploring with you!

  10. Nothing better than a lovely Farmers Market in good old England - so much lovely food to turn into great meals! have a fun week.

  11. sounds like my puuuurfect day xxx

  12. Mm love homemade butter.


  13. Hi Melissa,

    Hillary and I were sitting at the pool yesterday arvo batting away those horrible, slow first-heat-wave flies and complaining about how hot we were. SO wish I was there right now!

  14. i going to start looking for paper wrapped fresh butter. your market looks lovely!

  15. After our wander I would pop my pat of butter in your fridge for a bit and we would scheme how I could smuggle that turquoise dresser home. Three pots of tea later, I would slip on my hunters and trot off home happily.:)

  16. Oh it's been so long since I've joined you for a Virtual Coffee! So good to see your pretty pictures and read about what treasures you're finding again! That cheese sounds to DIE for. (Especially for me here in Thailand, where cheese is rather hard to come by, unless you want to take out a second mortgage...)

    We're actually going to a farmer's market here tonight too! We can pick up some mangoes and guavas and pomelos, and maybe some fresh fish (there's a lady who stuffs the fish with fresh herbs and grills it all up so tasty!). Plus there's a wine shop nearby, and that makes me quite excited indeed! :)

  17. I'm sold just on that home made butter alone... Yum...

  18. Oh, Miss Melissa, how are you going with loading up that extra crate for moi? If you still have room, I'd be delighted to be the new owner of that dresser. Unless Deb has nabbed it first! J x


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