we love you London....

we love you london...

we are off to london town today...our very last yehar in this city we love before the move home

*Down Under*...

we have fallen more in love with london each & every time we spend a few days down there...

it's a little like sydney...but bigger...

it's a little like many big cities through out europe...but cooler...

it's not as elegant as paris..or rome..or as romantic as venice...but it is cooler...

this weekend we need a little bit of cool...

& i need a little bit of Harrods Christmas windows...

there's another London list that seems to be looking longer as each child passes & scratches a new

*to do* thing on it...

in reality- i'm happy to just sit on the steps of St.Pauls, as we have done so many times, with a strong

coffee & to just stop & watch a city i adore go by...

we'll be back with pickies for you monday...

till then you can check out some of our trips- (if you didn't tag along with me on the blog then)

{here} & {here}....


do you have any wonderful memories of london town...?

any thoughts of visiting....?

love to hear them- there's nothing we love more than discovering something new about a place we love

by *word of mouth*...

love to hear it all...i'll be checking in here for your suggestions...

happy weekend...see ya monday folks....

i'll have the christmas ribbon winner up then too 



  1. London stole my heart when I was sixteen and she's never quite given all of it back! My top reccommendation is Sir John Soane's museum, round the corner from Holborn station. It's free, and it's packed to the rafters with curiosities - ask them to see the Picture Room!

  2. London is definitely one of my favorite cities! just wish it weren't so expensive! worth every shilling though. :)

  3. Say hi to the Queen for me!
    Depends how long you have there but a trip to Kew Gardens is good. Then there's Covent Garden, or a boat ride on the Thames, and I see you have Harrods on the list....even if you spend a month there you won't fit everything in. So maybe just a spot of people watching and photograph taking would be fine.
    Have a great time.

  4. So many options - and I guess you may want to revisit some of your favourite haunts?

    St Paul's may not be quite the same as usual thanks to the 'delightful' tent city that is part of the occupy London protest...but crossing over the river and a wander around Borough markets is always to be recommended (especially the chocolate brownies!!)

  5. I've never been to Europe. I know, I've been deprived :)
    Italy, Spain and Greece have always been high on my list. I've never really thought about London, but may be I need to!
    Sydney is also on the top of my list! More, now that I've "met" you, than ever! :)
    Can't wait to see all the pics when you get back!

  6. Ooh if I was in London, I'd like to visit the Primrose Bakery and sample some of their cupcakes! They have bakeries in Primrose Hill and Covent Garden. Enjoy your trip!!

  7. Ooh, soak up every precious second of it, Miss Melissa! And relish meeting up with sweet Simone ☺. J x

  8. Delightful, I love London too. Harrods anyone?

  9. Hi Melissa, hope you have a great weekend. London IS fantastic...we were there last weekend for 4 days...saw Phantom of the Opera...and generally just took in the atmosphere and xmas vibe! Hoping to get my photos on the blog this weekend....Robx

  10. i would love to just sit and people watch as well, i just love doing that! hope you had a great time! XXX

  11. Hi Melissa,

    Great post. As you know, my husband is from England; not too far from London and so he has been many many times although not for years and he would love to take myself and our children "back home" to visit and so I know we will, soon. Your pictures are brilliant! I am now more keen than ever. Thanks for posting...

    Kim. x


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