*make it monday*-a coastal country inspiration board...

morning gals...

we're just back from the beach...the surf is huge & the kids were in awe of it-just as i was as a child...


with a cup of tea in hand...welcome to our second *make-it monday*...

a coastal country styled notice board...

*this* is one of our old fly screens...

for some mad reason...our totally *open plan* beach house had fly screens on selected windows...

for some pockets of Oz, this is essential, as fly's in Oz, like midgies in Scotland can send one crazy-

but our house sits on the edge of a small rise and we manage to capture breezes daily...

fly's don't hang out where there is a breeze- so we *ripped* all the random fly screens off our windows

which let me with a pile of frames for projects...

this great little project literally took less than half an hour in total!

that's my kinda *morning tea job* with all the kiddos home from school still & a new puppy in 

the house!

you need:

an old frame- would anyone really notice if you pulled one outa the kids room ;-)

chicken wire

wire cutter

staple gun

pot of tea...

i truly just cut out the old screen, washed off the frame & let it dry in the sun whilst i poured a 

cup of tea...

laying the roll of chicken wire across the frame, i had one of the kiddos hold the wire whilst i stapled

down one side...& let the roll of wire hang over the other edge, to weigh it down whilst i then stapled

both the top & bottom sides...

after cutting the final long side, which was held in place by the three secured sides - i just stapled that

& it was ready to bring it in doors for Sol's birthday cards...

too easy...

the lovely old chippy hinges that originally held the frame to the widow are perfect for hanging...

the frame itself was already a little past it day- a bit of sanding gave it that warm old country farm look...

next time i'm at the hardware store-& i love a good hardware store visit as much as the next 

up-cycler...i'll be buying a box of wooden pegs to secure notes to this...

till then we've simple stuck all Sol's birthday cards, & our daily essentials, like moustache's & glasses

into the wire...ready to change or use when needed...

this will be my inspiration board / notice board in the kitchen...

{way cooler than a shop bought standard pin board}

the perfect coastal country inspiration board...made over a pot of tea...from an old frame...

too simple...totally satisfying...& half an hour from beginning to end...

what d'ya think...

beach house chic...a bit chippy, a bit old - some may even call it vintage ;-) & oh so very practical...

hope it inspires a little stapling at your place....



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& *Get outta my head please* - check them out gals....


  1. I love it!! So cool.
    Would love one but lacking wall space and wooden window frames ;)
    Ooh the other thing I love is your bunting and old oars leaning up against a wall.
    I have a pair sitting outside that I am still trying to decide what to do with them.
    Maybe one attached to the outside of the house once we have painted the house and not sure what to do with the other??
    Any ideas most welcome Melissa.
    I know Sarah at a beachcottage, does fab things with hers too.

  2. Ps do your kids knock those oars over? Mine would!!!

  3. Very cool! Lurve the old table too, but most of all I love your beachy house. It must feel great to be back home. I remember the first time I got barrelled in those Aussie waves. I was scraped along the ocean floor and spat out. I still have the nice deep scratch him my old watch! Enjoy the summer. Lucky you! Lx

  4. loving that idea. unfortunately one i wont be able to imitate exactly as my fly screens are what allow me to sleep at night knowing no uninvited guests have crept indoors without me seeing (not so much flies but those gigantic roaches that see fit to fly inside when they feel like a holiday!)
    but i will keep an eye out for some old 'chippy' frames at the op shop as think it's a gorgeous idea for a notice board.
    love ya work :)

  5. SO much cooler that a shop bought notice board. I have been having a serious tidy up here and have told my girl that she needs a pin board for all the things that just can't be thrown or put in a box. I'll have to go hunting for a frame...

  6. great idea! lovely and rustic & good use of the old frame.

  7. Love it to bits... so glad you're safe and happy back in good ol Oz! I have an old country cottage in the hills of Perth (WA) and I'm loving this coastal country feel - even inland! :-) XXX

  8. Fantastic. A crafter can never have too many old frames to work with.

    Carolyn xx

  9. you're so lucky to have those old wooden screen frames!! our house is only 6 years old so we have ugly metal or aluminum or something screen frames. whatever they are they wouldn't be as good as your wooden, chippy ones.
    But I do have a really pretty wooden frame that I found on clearance that I've been wanting to add some chicken wire to. Just need to find the 30 minutes to do it!!
    Ok I will quit rambling! So glad you are back with internet now my Coastal Farming Bestie! ;)

  10. love the way this turned out. the perfect addition to a pretty coastal home :P)

  11. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button and thank you for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  12. Fabbo, Sweets. Hmm, time to buy a staple gun! J x

  13. Cute idea, I love altering things to reuse them. Thanks for sharing

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