a virtual coffee-*chippy chairs & bush tea*...

virtual coffee old style...cane chairs...fedora's...loose leaf tea in a pot...

gotta spare hour to come sit in my back garden under the palms...?

until the frenchy looking couches arrive further notice...these are *our virtual coffee* cane chairs...

we can move them round the garden with us- follow the sun...or follow the mottled shade under the 

big ol'jacaranda tree...

i'm big on shade after living in England...big on sunscreen...big on lotsa bottles of water...


virtual coffee...by the beaches...in the garden...under the palms...

how are you? like really how are you?

are you enjoying *you* time?

are you on a lunch beak from work?

are you picnic-ing with the kids?

are you sledging on the white stuff?

wherever you are- welcome to out little piece of quiet heaven...tea?

i have found Twinings answer to Australian billy tea...{bush tea- you know made over a fire, in 

bush when camping}...

Twinings *Australian Afternoon Tea*...if you like strong tea served in a posh box- you will love this!

in fact i'm tempted to post it to my English bestie- it's like the Yorkshire Tea we loved in our village but


now i've been requested by a few of you to serve lamingtons again- i will be doing this i promise...

it's just that this week has been more about sorting life than baking...

we'll get back to lamingtons

this virtual coffee is about putting out feet up- slurping our strong tea & just catching up a little...

excuse Miss.Lola {the puppy} she's a bit of a cane chair chewer enthusiast! 

so...tea, time, life...it's all easier when it's done in the garden isn't it...

for those of you in the snow...we're going to add extra sugar to the pot...

do you ever have *sugar days*? 

the BB {British bestie} in England used to make tea & ask if it was a *sugar day* or not- i loved that...

it's like establishing how you're feeling in a very *lovely simple way*...

a sugar day required an extra listen...an extra hug...a quieter time than a *no sugar*, right let's get on 

with it kinda catch up....

so are you *sugar or no sugar tea* today?

if we were really having a coffee, or pot of strong tea, today...

i'd ask you if you've ever lived away from the country...town...city or village that you were 

born into...

i'd ask you if you've ever wanted to...

we always wanted to...& now we've done it- i have a sense of calm about being home...

not a *been there, done that* kinda feeling- just a wonderful sense that life is amazing kinda calm...

does this make sense to you- or do you think i just need a bit more *sugar* in my pot today!!??

even the fact that it's been raining crazy amounts a little since being home on the beaches & that our

balcony has looked a little like this at times- has been almost ok with me...

nothing like living with a makeshift laundry hanging above your outdoor dining table to really test

just how happy you are about being home!

it seems i'm pretty a.o.k about it...!

so...thanks for sitting under the palms with me...the puppy needs some *game time*...

the washing needs some sorting...the mail needs some reading & the boxes need some unpacking...

life on the beaches after 4 years in the English countryside is lovely...

especially when i can share it with you in the garden on old chippy chairs...

hugs & thanks for hanging out...


if you're still in need of a little more nattering & the coffee-i-didn't-offer-you...

head over to Amy's ...she is the queen of exotic cafe & witty banter...


see you next week- pot ready, same chairs, more thoughts...


  1. ahhhh.... i am the first one to tea. i like that because that way if we were really meeting for coffee or tea, we could have a quick gossip before anyone else arrived ; ) i would gladly sit under the palms with you for a cup of tea and for me i believe it's a no sugar kinda day--but maybe a bit of honey? sitting outside, feeling the sun, seeing everything so green sounds perfect to me right about now. we have no snow and have had the mildest winter ever but i will still be ready for spring. i think i would like one more big snow though for the kids. thanks for tea, always love catching up with you!

  2. Oh my, oh my... your words were like a great big, soft, pure cotton, well ironed (and a hint of lavender linen water too) pillow cased pillow! My head just kinda rested and my mind and heart followed. We want to live (well have an extended adventure to be precise) abroad (the UK in fact!) and we know that patience will lead the way. However your words and (STUNNING) images help me to ease into these dreams and know (I mean really KNOW) that "All is well" and that in truth - this wonderful, safe, free and irrefutably gorgeous country we live in truly holds us in "heaven on earth" - Thank you!! PS - when we do get to the UK there will be a spare bedroom for visitors :-) !!!

  3. More sugar for me please! Lovely setting under the palms. We call your cane chairs, wicker here. I have several white ones. Our kitty loves to scratch on them daily...and suprisingly they are holding up. I think of her as just shabbifying the cottage! I've never seen the Australian Twinnings tea. If I do I will surely buy some and try it in your honor. I love strong dark black tea. Oh and yes I have left the place I grew up. Moved across country only to find myself in deep homesickness. Returning home brought the calm into my heart that you speak of. Yes I know that calm well.

  4. oh my word, i'd have tea with you anytime there! i didn't realize you were in england for 4 years! and yes, i am living away from where i was born. i'm still getting used it it. it's only been four months for me...so i've got some time to adjust. but it's been tricky. exciting and difficult all in one. but it's good. i know we're where we're supposed to be.

  5. I so love your home! You make me ache for sunshine and beaches. I live in Nashville so winter is mild, today was in the mid 50's and we haven't had any snow this year except one little dusting, so I count my weather blessings but every time I read your blog I just want to head on down to Australia, or England, maybe both :) I would love to live somewhere "foreign" with my little family someday. I am so curious about how you guys went about making that happen. Anyways, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful journey, today is a no sugar day :)

  6. Looking forward to those lamingtons.

    What a delight sitting in your garden was.

    Until next time
    Carolyn xx

  7. Maybe just a smidge of sugar today and a very quick cuppa. Its been a busy day at work, the couch is calling me.

  8. I saw that tea the other day - I love Twinnings so I must give it a go!

  9. Melissa, where do I start...?
    I am definitely on a no sugar day- I SO get that by the way! In fact I SO get everything that you write about in this post. Living away from the place that you were born enriches your life in no other way doesn't it? It can give you a different view on life and makes you appreciate the new and the old. I'm loving my adventure away from home...and when my little bit of home comes over the oceans for a holiday I definitely don't need any sugar!

    Thank you for you gorgeous words on my recent post, it really made me smile. x

  10. Sadly, it is a sugar day for me! Just give that puppy a squeeze for me, would you? Thanks :)

  11. Oh yes...welcome to your beachy beach. Lovely chairs...i can feel the breeze.

  12. How I love that saying 'is it a sugar day?'. That is just so very perfect for 'those' days. I'm going to run with this a lot I think. Yesterday was vearing towards a full-on sugar day, in fact it needed cake, but a little state of mind change helped!! So too did your lovely comments.
    Oh and I remember those puppy chewing days ever so well. Mind the shoes. xx

  13. Your lovely chairs look so inviting and tea sounds great,too. In fact I just had a nice little picnic with my little Mr outside in the springy sunshine of the southern US. I was born and raised in Germany and trust me, a picnic outside in the beginning of February would have been far from reality back home. I miss so many things about home but also treasure the new chances and possibilities living abroad has to offer. People are different but also the same everywhere!!! ( does this make any sense?!) Life is what you make it! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Oh, I love the idea behind sugar day. How sweet ( pun totally intended )!

  15. Hey Sweet Friend ~
    So nice to catch up with
    you and happy that being
    back home suits you so well.
    I move around my entire
    life until 11 years ago when
    we landed here. Once the
    chicks have flown the nest,
    we will probably cast our
    eyes on someplace a bit
    milder, like the Pacific NW.
    It's my dream to live on the
    ocean or on a lake : ) It was
    a sugar day, though I can't
    exactly say why!

    Thanks for the pics of all
    the green ~ does a soul good,
    even though we've had a
    very mild winter, so far....

    xx Suzanne

  16. oh Melissa, this looks so nice!! I can smell the gardenias!! No sugar today..a happy day here today as I was able to go to lunch with my best friend of 15 years to celebrate her birthday!! we are waiting on some snow, which will give the kids a chance to go skiing again and it will brighten the countryside! thanks for sharing tea today and your awesome description of where you are living!! hugs, cathy

  17. Utter gorgeousness, Miss. I'm not a tea drinker but I need a little sugar now. J x


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