a truck of vintage, loved goodies arrives at our beach house...

moooorning...over here...yep the gal behind the boxes...whooo hoooo!

they arrived...it didn't rain for the whole day...

& we are now living like travelling gypsies from boxes Parisian artists in a studio of collected


the kiddos didn't buy the last one either...they just wanted to know where their *stuff* was!

see...it kinda looks french lofty...if you close one eye & are eating baguette...!

so...the great unpack begins....

this was the spread sheet we did all the *box ticking* from...

those are not individual items there- but individual boxes...gals we are seriously living in a house of

cardboard....but there are many treasures within...

so many of you have taken this journey with me from our gorgeous house in the English countryside to

this, our little beach house on the beautiful coast of Oz...

& can i just say *i'm so happy we got here together*...

the Great Last unpack begins...with you by my side...

i can promise mucho eye-candy!

if you're lurking near the beaches on this rainy old

summer's day with a spare coffee in your hand...

feel free to drop it into a removalist/decorating/balancing

mamma who is head down butt up unpacking her treasures!


I'll be posting this all next week gals- so pop in anytime for 

a quick *g'day* & a reminder that there is a clean house after

a 12,000 mile move with three kiddos somewhere down the line!

P.S- a little side note-

whilst i generally like my deliveries to be stamped *amazon*, *the book depository* or 

*anthropologie*...& usually in brown paper & string...

i have to say that this big orange beast of a truck was the *prettiest, most perfect* delivery 

i've had in a long time....!




  1. Squealing from here Melissa! Oh happy day!! I promise it's not just because I selfishly want to see all your gorgeous stuff and how you will arrange it....ok, maybe just a little bit.

    Wish you lived around the corner, I'd be making you hot cinnamon rolls right now! Happy unpacking. Meredy xo

  2. Woo Hoo! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Yeah
    Can't wait to see it unfold.
    Carolyn xx
    PS This weekend will be like Christmas

  4. So good to see your new home coming all together now...it just isnt home is it...until we are surrounded by our little treasures and trinkets, look forward to seeing whats in the box..so to speak...Its going to look absolutely amazing once all set up I know...you just have a special little way with putting things together ever so beautifully.

    Thank you so much for your sweet notes of well wishes with Noah..I hope to be able to visit here more often..but well..at the moment my job as a cabana boy is very demanding...baby Noah has my undevided attention 24/7 urrghhh..so exhausting..but ever so wonderful at the same time.

    Sending big hugs your way lovely

    A x

  5. I can tell that it's going to be gorgeous!!
    Now go forth, unpack and take more piccies pronto! ;)

  6. Huraaaaay! That's great news. So pleased it all arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to see what you have in those boxes!

  7. Oh what fabulous fun. There's not a lot more fun to be had than the unpack at the end of a move...finding new places for loved things. Enjoy every minute :)

  8. Yay,joy oh joy, I am so happy for you. Have fun. I am loving your couches by the way. Keep snapping those photos.

  9. Oooh how exciting. I can only imagine how much fun you're going to have finding homes for everything.

  10. YAY! [Squeals with excitement]

  11. Oooh, enjoy! So glad you got your stuff safely :-)

  12. Ahhh, Pickfords.... There are STILL a few of those boxes in my garage!
    Enjoy all the new found forgotten goodies.
    Have a great weekend,

  13. YAY, It's here, it's here, how exciting. I can't wait to see more. Anyway you, stop checking your messages and get un-packing! ha ha ha. Much Love x x x x

  14. Yipeeee ! Don't you just love the Pickfords men! I could have kissed them in the past when they arrived! Really looking forward to see what English goodies you're going to unpack ... Jules x

  15. Hi! I'm new to your blog but will be watching with interest from this day forth!! Can't wait to see the insides of the boxes......Happy unpacking:)

  16. Beautiful, Sweets! I am *so* looking forward to seeing The Great Unpack unfold. J x

  17. Hi Melissa :) I've been following you on instagram so I thought I'd pop over and check out your blog too....turns out I was following your here too, woops! Anyhoo, great to see you back in Australia and looking forward to seeing the eye candy that unfolds with your unpacking :) Catchya!
    Cas x

  18. Welcome home! We spent the w'end on the Northern Beaches, contemplating a seachange. Would happily have brought coffee refills :-) Hope you brought the sunshine with you...

  19. I see the pink chair has arrived too! Take your time to sort your English loot and will hear from you when you come up for air out of those boxes, hugs honey! Maureen xx

  20. Hi Melissa...ah this makes me think of that scene in 'Out of Africa' where Meryl Streep needs her 'things' around her to feel at home in Africa. That always resonated with me as without my things I am nowhere. I am so pleased that you get to really settle now. Even with the boxes, the house looks lovely and all that light! Makes me want to whitewash my entire house. All those treasures you unpack now - take your time, hopefully each one will be steeped in all things English. Much love, Lou x

  21. How lovely to be re-united with all your treasures from England. It will be so exciting, I can remember when my home came out of store it was great to be re-united with all your things that make your house a home.
    love from a cold but sunny England


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