virtual coffee & vintage french english goodies on the beaches...

some moments that brought BIG smiles in my unpacking....

it's *virtual coffee* time gals...grab your mug & have a lookie...

i ain't putting drinks on today- if you saw the amount of boxes i need to get through- you'd

probably offer to pick me up one when you grab one for yourself...

our life from the English countryside is now happily settling itself on the beautiful beaches of Oz...

our little house by the ocean is getting a very loved dose of country, both french & English 

to it...

this mama is in heaven...*cardboard & too many pots of tea heaven*...

& i just want to thank you all for constantly dropping past- & sending me lovely

comments & emails, connecting up with me on {instagram} & for just being here, throughout

this massive 12,000 mile move we've made...

{countryside to the beaches...}

here's where i see you all from at the moment...

surrounded by kids craft supply's & god know's what else...it'll come together in time...

for now it's just about *getting it all out* 
back into our days on the coast...


posts are going to be short but pretty this week gals

keep the comments coming- it keeps me unpacking

i loooove you for it

if you see anything you like...let me know




  1. Love it all. Anything Union Jack seems to float my boat

  2. Love it all too, but especially those smooth beach rocks. Love!
    So much character in all of your little bits and pieces.
    I am loving old, worn and chippy and feel I need to get more of that myself.
    Hubby would roll his eyes though, lol. He is not such a fan.

  3. So many pretties Melissa, I'm really forward to seeing how you pull it all together
    Cas x

  4. Looking forward, i mean! Lol
    C x

  5. Amazing how we love to be wrapped snuggly in all of our 'stuff'! And isn't it the best feeling to have it all back again, safe and sound. Have fun arranging it and then rearranging it all to get it just so! Alison xo

  6. so many awesome things in those boxes!!

  7. I'd like the French bistro chair please Melissa....oh alright...I'll try and find my own...Am heading home to U.K. (is that home?)...on Thursday..gotta say Goodbye to my son and daughter again...my stomach's already churning at the thought...but I'll be o.k....eventually...usually takes me a week to get over it and fall back in love with England. Looking forward to seeing your treasure in situ! Robx

  8. I bet it feels so exciting to finally be unpacking all your treasures on this side of the world. I know I'd find it hard to focus as I'd want to reminisce over each and every thing as I unpacked it. Can't wait to see it as it all comes together. Amanda xx

  9. That sweet metal chair and letters tray are gorgeous. Have a fun week.

  10. Oh it's all gorgeous! Enjoy the unpacking and settling yourself back into home. xx

  11. It's all gold Melissa. French and English....I think there's a gorgeous shop in Brisvegas called that?? I'll look it up and send it to you. Sending you a virtual cup of coffee and a lavender heatpack to restore you're weary bones. Meredy xo

  12. Oh how I love your gorgeous French, English, beachside style!

  13. i bet you are SO excited going through fun boxes like that!!! i know i would be! you've got great taste. great style. happy unpacking :)

  14. lately i keep thinking i have posted a comment but then i realize that i actually commented on instagram! : ) ooops. i bet you guys are thrilled to have all of your keepsakes and the other part of your LIVES with you now. so exciting! i can't wait for a full house tour once it is all ready. i love your wire metal tray for letters, just perfect! thanks for coffee!

  15. I can't wait to see all this in person one day, Sweets! J x


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