memories of france in the Great Unpack in our little beach house...

morning from the beaches gals- where it is *bucketing* down...

truly we're swimming to school this morning!

this ain't the *end of summer* weather we moved the kiddos 12,000 miles across the world for i can tell


but...my wellies {gum boots} are in a box somewhere in this little beach house...& i'm going to find

them & continue smiling about being home Down Under...!


rather than tempt you with glorious photos of rain on the beaches show you how deep the 

water is rising...i thought you'd like to see the photos of yesterday's unpack in the sunshine...

this is where i'm at with the kitchen boxes...or rather where i'm not...

i'm not in cupboards...not in the kitchen...& not finished...but it's all making me smile...

our stuff from the other side of the globe at last in my little beach house...near the kitchen!

as i'm unpacking, i'm re-living so many of the moments we shared abroad...

memories of countries throughout Europe we visited...

memories of *table top* sales in old country village halls...

memories of trawling for a treasure with the B.B {British Bestie}...

this is perhaps why this haul is not in the kitchen cupboards...i blame it on the wonderfully endless

memories...& i feel blessed to have each & every one....

here's a shot of the sorting table outdoor table...it's errr...a whole lot fuller slightly fuller than this 

now- after another half dozen boxes or so...

the reason i didn't get to actually putting away these goodies into cupboards is due to this enamel 


like many of you that visit me here, i too adore enamel ware...and most of this stash was lugged home to

our big old house in the countryside from holidays in the French countryside....

memories of amazing brocantes throughout the north of France took up alot of my thinking time over

pots of tea yesterday...

but i'm loving this process- the unpacking & the memories...i'm sure it stops me feeling

overwhelmed by the enormous task ahead...

{there are crazy amounts of boxes in the garage- which then goes through to rooms the length of this

little beach house.. i should photograph that...just in case i go down there & you never here from me

again- at least you'll know why!}

so today...feeling a little like Noah may have on his ark...

i'm slowly filling cupboards & looking after a poorly HS girl at home...

slow & steady wins the race is my mantra at the moment...

hope your safe from the *flooding* hitting the East Coast of Oz, if you're on my side of the world

if you're else where - i hope your weather is shining on you as it should!

see ya tomorrow for a few couch shots if i can get the HS gal back to school...




  1. Isn't this weather just crazy! Enamel - oo la la! Too gorgeous. A perfect day for just hanging and admiring.

  2. M, you certainly had
    THE adventure of a lifetime;
    how lucky to share it with
    your whole family, too. I
    can only imagine the joy
    you are revisiting and the
    memories that you are

    Happy Day,
    xx Suzanne

  3. oooh, hope the rain ends for you soon down there! melissa- i am dying over all of that lush green in your back yard! it looks absolutely beautiful. i am so ready for all things to turn green here although even when it does my own backyard won't be very green at all as it is covered in shade by so many trees. once you are all settled i am now requesting a tour of your backyard space, too : ) i will live vicariously through you and your gorgeous back yard! don't get lost in all of those boxes!

  4. I love how green your gardens are...you give us a completely different view of Australia than A Beach Cottage does...more organic. It never gets that green where I live.

  5. It's raining cats and dogs here in NZ too, seems that we've had the same crappy summer on both sides of the Tasman! On the bright side it's good unpacking weather for you! :)Love seeing your gorgeous garden too, so lush! xo K

  6. I am an Aussie girl and am amazed how tropical your garden looks.
    Different to our gardens down here in Tas.
    What a beautiful spot to look out on the garden from.
    You have some lovely treasures.
    I especially love that pretty aqua/turquoise blue of the enamel jug. Lovely!!

  7. i bet you are reliving some great memories! i adore your backyard!! wow!! hope it stops raining for you soon...but if you have to stay in maybe you'll get your packing done faster?? :) have fun!

  8. Those enamel jugs are to die for. Love all enamelware!! Can't wait to see what else comes out of those boxes. Leahx

  9. Hope the weather improves for you :) your have some gorgeous pieces of enamelware sweetie, great collection, good luck with the unpacking hope you finish soon :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. How fun. Reliving favourite memories while you create vignettes which will help you celebrate new ones. Bliss. How fab is the weather today??!! I haven't the first clue what to wear out today. Meredy xo.

  11. Hope your gal is better soon. Love all of your kitchen ware. Happy unpacking!

  12. You know if you just can't find anywhere for the goodies on that table top I just might be able to help you out. Happy to store those jars and that enamelware for as long as you need! (That tall blue jug is so very very lovely!)
    It's nice to have a little unpacking time with your memories. Hope your big girl is feeling better soonest.
    Amanda xx

  13. Squealing with you, Miss. No wonder you are just gazing at them. I would, too. J x


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