Virtual Coffee {live}

Morning all...
There's a wee bit of excitement here in our little house by the sea...we've been *unconnected* to the world, well sort of as we haven't even have a land line, for 5 days and today we were rescued!

It sounds a little extreme, but there you have it- good ol'blogging honesty! R.E.S.C.U.E.D!

There is sooo much to talk about here- *Virtual Coffee* time- I NEED it!!

OK...if we were really slurping our morning coffee together- I have to say that I'd be just a little smiley!

I'm not saying it's ok to be deliriously happy about being connected to the world at all hours...
every day...
all year...
All I'm saying is that we are happy to have the option back...BIG TIME!

It's school holidays here, and with three bambinos who range from Moshi Monster to Face Book age- it's just nice to have it there ;)...

just saying...

So...what are your thoughts?
Be honest!
Remember I'm the blogger who has just had an entire year off from blogging!!
An entire year connecting with my real life...real world stuff.

Let's go mad this morning- Miss.15 has just started baking, if we time it right we can munch a little something warm and slimming and totally good for us with this pot of coffee...or chai...or tea...or hot choco....
I'm on a bit of a high here- so I'll pretty much make you anything you ask for!

If we were really sharing and slurping at our little beach house this morning, I'd also talk weather...

As a born-and-bred-Australian-beach-gal...I can assure you that we are pretty blessed most of the time...

I love a good winter as much as the next person, who has lived through four flipping freezing like hell incredibly cold winters of snow, and endless closed skies, in the Northern Hemisphere.
BUT I do not like, embrace or pretend to deal with rain.
Between the winter perfection Down Under, we also *do rain* like very few other countries!

And we don't do gentle, trickling, easy rain Down Here...like most things in Australia- we also do rain big!
BIG hard, loud, windy, biting rain...there is nothing redeeming about it AT ALL!

Ok- feeling slightly better for that weather rant!

And today I have managed a beautiful walk in the fresh air under a blue sky with Miss.Lola puppy...

Thanks...I love you being here!

So...the weather in your part of the world- what's going on?
Summer lists are being ticked?
Ski gear is being sorted?
I love *Virtual Coffee* , don't you!?

If we were really sharing a coffee here this morning, I'd show you my little creative space...
It's slowly getting there- I need an IKEA trip next week with my big gal, to buy some practical essentials- you know shelves, baskets etc...but so far I'm pretty happy!

It's been a long while since I've had my own space- it works in with coming back here blogging, and at last feeling like I have a happy, settled family here....back on our beautiful beaches.

I'll be taking you to IKEA next week- via *Instagram* {you can find my feed here}- if you think I need anything...I'll grab it!

Just cause *I'm that kinda friend*...always thinking of you ;)

OK...let's just fold fabric- you take a little of something you like...
You can't go home empty handed now...

Same time...Same place...Next week...smootch

Melissa x


  1. Gorgeous cuppa as always Lovely!! Looking fwd to a virtual ikea trip with you, we live hours away from one!! Have a fab w'end...xx Janelle@awhitefarm

  2. 5 days without the Internet - now that would be a challenge. Especially when it is also school holidays and raining. Thank goodness you're all back online now. School holidays just beginning here - well Milly has had one week with two weeks to go, and Eva broke up today for 3 weeks. That's a lot of juggling ahead! Raining and really cold here this week, but at last it's fine tonight. Maybe that bodes well for the weekend. xx


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