Beach Living {smile}

Bonjour from the beaches y'all.

It's been a rough week here, as I have been so so poorly with the flu, and many a side complication!

Health is something I try not to take for granted.

But I have to admit, after I've had a week *outa action*, I really do realise how much I actually just expect to feel good.

I've a born again crazy need for being really healthy. For practising good health.

Simple. Healthy. Happy.

Sunday morning I felt better- after D.A.Y.S on the sofa!

I raced to the markets- brought mountains of fresh produce and cooked up a feast.

I forced my kids to ear KALE. I rejoiced in all the greens. Loved the baked beetroot and greek lamb.

The weather was so so warm and Spring was in the car.

It was possibly the best post-flu remedy I could have asked for.

Melissa x


  1. so pleased you're feeling better Melissa. Days on the sofa is not good, and you're right, we do not expect something like that to sideline us and when it does, it's wrong on every level. Not sure about the kale though. My girls would take one look and pass! xx

  2. That kale salad looks so good! Yum! I made one recently with some grilled halloumi on top, it was so so good. Your beach pictures are making me miss home! xx

  3. I'm glad your feeling better and have been mindful to take rest and care for yourself it's really important. X


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