Happy Monday by the Coast- Summer vibes here! {smile}

Good morning from the gorgeous winter we are having here by the beaches!

It's hard to spend a moment inside when the *cold* months are this flipping good!

It always amazes me how much the weather influences all our moods. 

I don't know why it amazes me- as it's a well known fact that a good dose of vitamin D gives you untold energy and puts that extra skip in your step.

I've been bouncing around this beach house, and particularly our garden, all weekend!

We spent the weekend cooking- and thanks to some Instagram friends the menu plans for the week are sorted.

Baked chicken, and asian curry, on the agenda regardless of what the weather this week.

We started early with the sports run to the other side of Sydney on Saturday morning.
The time to cross a big city like Sydney, or London, is definately very very early in the morning.
A dream run, and a large coffee kept us all focused on an amazing soccer match and a little car looking.

More on this later! ;)

We gardened for hours in the sunshine...feeling happily exhausted- and with a few high fives and much oohing and ahhing on our part to ourselves- hmmmmm...sure this is not quite right!

My studio space downstairs- really a corner of the kids *playroom* is coming along at last.

We hung two IKEA shelves this weekend, and I'm attempting to sort years of collected fabrics.

Tomorrow I'll show some photos of the space so far.

I managed to cut a huge basket load of flags for bunting.

Spring, Summer and Christmas bunting- and to make some for a party for a sweet five year old.

I also started thinking all things Summer-wardrobe like!

I live in alot of throw-on-easy dresses and kaftan-like tops in the Summer months.

Easy to throw over a bikini ,and easy to throw in my beach bag with the ga-zillion things we seem to lug to the beach for the kids...

OK- here's two I tried over the weekend.

I think I love them both. I'm not sure?

Excuse the white legs and the ballet flats!

Orange is so becoming a fave new colour- but I know I'll get so much wear out of the black!?

Hmmm...maybe I'm starting my Summer shopping just a little to early!?


now you've seen the winter legs, and my jeans hanging up there in the change room, I guess I'll just
get back to my washing and all things Monday!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Melissa x

PS- Excuse the i-phone images (yep all of them)...my camera is having a moment- she's thrown in the towel for the last week- but I'm onto it as I miss having her in my bag!!


  1. Love the orange one Melissa, it quite funky :)
    and yes, the weather has been fabulous, but today is exceptionally windy, too windy for outdoors!

  2. I say yes to the orange one too, looks great!
    Summer?! Seems a million miles away here in cold, wet and windy Tassie at the moment. (snow on the mountain again)
    I do love thinking about summer clothes and adding bursts of colour to my wardrobe again. (am wearing far too much grey and black.)
    Maybe I should go shopping and that might make me feel that at least spring is not too far away :)

  3. They both look good to me though I do like a pop of colour. We are actually enjoying a summer here this year, but I know Autumn will soon be upon us and it will be lots of greys and berry colours for me. Enjoy your beach days it all looks fabulous.

  4. I love the orange! I picked the vibrant colours this year & it made me feel summery even on the greyest day! Take care. Lx

  5. Hope you bought both - they look great and you'd get sooooo much wear out of both colours. Does that justify it for you?? I know that underneath I am so happy that summer, or at least spring is around the corner, but oh, removing those winter layers - I hate that bit. All that winter indulgence revealed. Ugh. Maybe I'll wear a long kaftan coverup permanently.


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