Virtual Coffee- in the beach house {smile}

Virtual Coffee... Hello!

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I'd make it hot and strong!

We've had days of crazy-windy-blue-skies.


So...I'm keeping you warm and sheltered in our little beach house.

Toasty warm with turkish bread and *flat whites* (Australia's answer to the perfect coffee!)

If we were really meeting for a coffee...I'd ask how your week has been?

I know we're only at the half way mark...but a good start generally means a good end in my world.

I'd ask if you have stumbled upon any fab websites I should be devouring?

There's nothing like a website that has been suggested by someone that knows your tastes!

I'd tell you that you H.A.V.E to visit this divine site and spend a good hour over here ...

Both my favourite places to shop in the UK.

Both such inspiring web sites- you honestly don't need to buy anything!

You'll come away feeling ready to tackle any room in your house with a renewed vigour and a perhaps a new take on an old space.

This is what great websites should really do in my book- inspire us to see something familiar a little differently.

If we were really meeting for a coffee, I'd show you why I haven't yet shared photos of my little creative space downstairs.

This week is full of *extra* stuff- kiddo stuff, car stuff, school stuff...you know- life stuff.

So my little space is still waiting to be modelled and to be loved!

Do you have your own little work space where you really can shlep out all your craft bits, your sewing,  your photographs...?

And do you have a space where you can really leave them out?

That very special elusive space is my aim!

Anyway...it's a-coming...we may even share our next virtual coffee sitting in the midst of it!

And yep my fingers are crossed!

So...for today we're here in the warmest room of our little beach house.

What d'ya think? It's full of everything collected and loved- everything that says family and memories and life.

If we were really meeting for our weekly-wherever-you-are-in-the-world-coffee , I would send you home with a *traveller*- a hot coffee in a take-away mug as it's crazy windy here.

I'd make you promise, once you've blown home, to send me your fave web sites and to have me to yours for coffee any time ya have a moment.

HaPpY mid week!

Melissa x


  1. Ok, I am in love with the willow playhouse on the Cox & Cox site. I think I'll be delving deep into this web site tonight! Happy mid-week! Lx

  2. Morning...thanks for that coffee. It's a bit windy and cool in Brisbane this morning too. I thought that Spring was around the corner and what do you know, back comes the cold nights. Loved the Pedlars website, some really interesting stuff to browse and inspire there.
    I've been a little boring with my website browsing lately and have just been glancing through etsy looking for inspiration. I do have a beautiful children's clothing one to recommend though. There's a little lady with a birthday in this house and we have been planning a girly shopping trip that will pass through this place - http://www.eenimeeni.com/
    Have a great week and keep warm

  3. Ah, M, I so enjoyed blowing
    by for a coffee! Here in the US
    it's Pottery Barn catalogs and
    website that I love to browse,
    when and if I have time! And
    I had to laugh at the term "traveller,"
    as in my family we call that
    a "roadie!"

    We are finding a new normal
    here in our house, slowly and
    gently. We escorted our daughter
    off to California last week and
    this week I just puttered at home
    and gave Gracie extra walks.
    Hoping to have that old spring
    in my step this week and start
    going back to exercise class, etc.

    Have fun creating your YOU spot.
    I only have a tiny area in the furnace
    room (where are all the mechanicals
    are and our eliptical machine and
    storage are -- no windows) where
    I can kinda-sorta leave a sewing or
    craft project out on my (little) work
    table. But, at least it is something : )

    Happy Saturday hugs to you!

    xo Suzanne


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