Summer is on the doorstep of our little beach house...

Morning from our little beach house...cup of tea in hand.

We're flooded with warm winds this morning and the vege garden got a particularly long soak this morning and another fresh layer of organic mulch.

I'm determined to have a crazy, madly abundant garden of vege and herbs this summer!

The school hols are still rambling along- just the way I like it...it almost makes me think I could *Home School* should we be living in some isolated coastal community somewhere ;)

I'd do it- they would not!
Just a simple fact!

How would we fill the house with endless sandy kids, and non-stop lunches, if we home schooled and lived a zillion miles from anyone?
It's just not us!
I'm ok with that....

I'm finding my days are falling into that pre-Summer heaven where I wake early and water my pots and garden each morning...and then, by the third end of my first cup of tea the rest of the house wakes up and we sort what everyone is doing.

The warm mornings are divine...I never really realise quite how much I miss Summer mornings, until they arrive about this time each year.

Why is everything easier and simpler in sunshine?

Hope you are having a gorgeous change of seasons wherever you are...

Melissa x


  1. Your garden sounds lovely. We are harvesting the end of our summer garemden while planting the winter veggies. I homeschooled my four children and our home was always full of their friends. My last two went to public HS and then i never saw them. But now they are all working and in college and i see them and their friends all the time again So youd be surprised, homeschooling is incredibly enjoyable. I miss it! I miss all the adventures and creativity. We were always outdoors Lots of nature study. Enjoy your holidays!!!

  2. autumn arriving here in paris! after a very full summer of beach i'm ready for shorter, cooler days with a scarf wrapped around my neck! so happy to be here visiting you again xo pam

  3. As you enter the summer months and all the glory which comes with it... We batten down the hatches. Your living room looks a beautiful restful place & your garden certainly looks like a place I could hang out in. Fall here is my favourite. The sun is still shining, but without the fierce intensity of summer. The roses still bloom, but no need to water furiously and the kids excitement grows with the prospect of Halloween just around the corner. Enjoy all that the season has to offer! Lx

  4. My husband and I had
    a little picnic today by the
    lake on his lunch hour and
    we enjoyed the warm sunshine
    without feeling hot. The leaves
    are beginning to change and the
    sky never seemed bluer. It's wonderful
    to savor each and every season in
    this beautiful life. Love your gardens
    and your sense of ease with the coming
    of summer, there!

    xo Suzanne

  5. Well we are still waiting for EARNEST sunshine here in Perth... the kind that lasts longer than half a day and soaks into your skin.. sans chilly wind.. sans showers! Today is lovely though I will admit and seeing sheets drying on a Hills Hoist always makes my heart sing... Happy Monday Lovely Lady! ♥♥♥

  6. HOW seriously gorgeous has this sunshine been. Its like we have just jumped straight to summer and I for one couldnt be happier. That little corner of your gorgeous beach house bathed in sunshine looks divine xx

  7. Gorgeous photos my lovely....love thinking of you watering that veggie garden in the early morning :)

    Definitely a change of season here....blankets & hot water bottles here tonight, I love it!! I have my woolly hat ready & waiting, mt favourite time of year :) Xx


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