Three sleeps- Christmas Countdown...

Three sleeps and counting here on the beaches...

It's been a few big weeks here on a personal note: with poorly family and the sooo long-awaited arrival of our bestest friends from the UK...

After a fab roll of crafts and Christmas, I just sort of needed to stop for a while and to take stock of life.

I'm very, very, very happy that I started early with my Christmas gifts and decorating, as it would not have had much attention over the last few weeks had I left it to the last minute!

For once, being ahead of myself has totally paid off BIG time.

So...how are you all going...THREE SLEEPS PEEPS!!
Seriously it's almost here...at last.

I have a house full here and we are getting into the festive spirit...a ferry load have head into Sydney City to see sharks at the Aquarium, and to bathe in the beauty that is Sydney in Summer on the doorstep of Christmas.

I'm planning Christmas lunch- sorting lists of what still needs buying and what needs re-thinking.
I've some last gifts to wrap and my big gal and I are decorating a few more *lunch-areas* ready for the big day.

The breeze is cool, the sun is hot, the sky is hazy and the cicadas are loud...

It's Sydney in Summer.

Do you find that the last few days before Christmas almost the least frantic?
I seem to save these last days, unknowingly, to do all the fun stuff...movie watching...mince pie eating...calm last wrapping...shrine building!

Hoping you are having a wonderful lead up to Christmas wherever you are in the world...

It's been so simply lovely watching our English friends take in a warm Christmas Down Under...and after the few weeks we've had here, nothing makes me happier than seeing them sitting across our table, day in and day out as Summer rolls on...

Melissa xx


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas hun and heres hoping that we finally get to do that coffee in 2014 ;) xx

  2. My sweet friend, a little part
    of you was here with me, in the
    form of the beautiful Christmas
    bunting stretched across our
    dining room window. Your friendship
    is such a lovely gift to me and
    my wish for you in 2014 is that
    you receive as much love as you
    hand out!

    Hope you are having a great
    summer holiday!

    xo Suzanne

  3. Hi Melissa. Happy New Year. I hope your Christmas was as good as it was shaping up to be. Jane x


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