Our beach house- planning a reno...

Morning y'all...

Lovely morning here- kids sorted and off to school, washing out, puppy walked, coffee drunk and dinner made...

We have busy weeks here with three kids at three seperate schools...and four afternoons of sports/extra kid stuff- I am always thinking ahead, like so many of us mum's and dad's, about meals and packing mini eski's and lunch boxes for kiddos to run in and grab!

I love it...but let's just say that very loved morning coffee takes the edge off! ;)

Anyway...back to here...I thought I'd share a little of our beach house.
We're planning on renovating this year. We need the kitchen sorted, and as kids get bigger the space needs to change with our family changes.

Since returning from our four years in England, we've done a quite a lot of alterations to our little house by the sea. But those children keep growing, and taking up new hobbies like cooking {!!} so we're needing to move with the times!
If you never think this time comes...believe me it does!

So...to feel how the spaces will work, once we've completed the reno's, I've moved the dining table out to the balcony {the blessing of summer Down Under!} and we're enjoying seeing our beach house in new and exciting ways!
Amazing what a new space does for us gals! The chaos instantly seems simpler...!

These pickies are from around the beach house...things move constantly here regularly here!
Most of our *furniture & bits* have been collected during our life in the English countryside, driving trips through France, and travels through Europe and Morocco...all these beloved finds mixed with our Coastal finds from many years living by the ocean.

It makes for a Industrial Coastal way of living, that for us is full of memories, and makes us all love being within our home.

My Pinterest file has become so much more than a collection of gorgeous images from around the net, as I'm now collecting kitchen, and dining room, images to actually influence our thinking on this reno.

It's exciting...and I'm approaching it all with *grace*...I'm so thankful that we have the chance to embrace change again this year.

The vege garden is on the cards this morning, as the weather has cooled off today...and the laundry is flipping walking up here in protest!!

Enjoy ya *hump day*...Happy Wednesday!

Melissa xx


  1. Your home looks beautiful, bright and airy. A perfect coastal home. We have yet another snow storm scheduled to hit us tomorrow. The girls have yet to make a complete week at school in 2014. For us, it's a case of hunkering down, making the place toasty and yet more baking...

  2. What a delight... to wander around a cool and breezy and stylish and tasteful and serene and.. did I say UBER stylish (cos I should have!) beach house on a Perth Summer day. (Ahem... confession I'm at work and the grey office was starting to feel a little claustrophobic) Sending you awesome reno vibes lovely lady & watching with eager anticipation to see how it all (stylishly) unfolds! ♥♥♥♥

  3. I always love looking at pics of your home hun - The gorgeous vibe just seeps out of the computer screen xx

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  5. It seems like your weeks back then was jam-packed with chores, huh? I think planning to renovate your beach house might just be what you needed to take your mind off of your daily routine. In any case, I'm glad things moved swiftly after you thought about the renovation. Here's to always welcoming positive changes! All the best!

    John Lambert @ Cape Coral Lots


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