Internet, Phone & Social Media free...could you do it?

I have had an interesting, completely enlightening morning...phone free!

I realise, {I need to say right from the start}, that this does nothing for how you may see me as a person- BUT as a mother of three, who runs a small business from home, I NEVER leave the house without my lifeline my iphone!

Like never...ever...!
Am I the only one?

I'm 99% sure that I'm not the only one- I read a fabulous, warm and honest blog post by an American girlfriend of mine here- aptly titled 'Two Months Of Antisocialism'...it got me to thinking.

Now I'm not suggesting that a) I could actually achieve this, as I am totally addicted to my Instagram account , my Pinterest page, and my iphone camera....and b) that my two hours being totally unconnected to my phone this morning, even counts as antisocialism!

To be completely honest- I didn't even mean to make a morning's study of this- I simply forgot my phone and for once decided to not go back for it!

BUT...I did learn something simple and good.


Dropping kids to school and walking a dog is good when not seen through the lens of an iphone camera!

Holding a puppy lead, and a coffee, is simpler without photographing the journey!

Skinny jeans actually look better without a phone in your back pocket!

Small sacrifices I know...but it truly did make me think about how much I rely on my phone, and simply being connected to life beyond the real that's in front of me!

I've read many blog posts, and FB thoughts on having a weekend *unplugged*- perhaps there's a lot more merit to it than I first thought!

My husband just backed up this thinking as he announced: "you're addicted to that phone...I'd like to see you more!"

Like a true addict- I don't think I have a problem- everyone is connected all the time, it's what we all do!
Maybe I need a weekend to just be...?

Have you gone internet/phone free for a weekend...just stopped and truly smelt the roses- not smelt them and then shared them on all your media sights!!?

I'm so intrigued to find out, and give this small...but obviously essential test, a go!

Happy Thursday...

Melissa xx


  1. "Skinny jeans actually look better without a phone in your back pocket!"
    Haha. Yes!!
    We all struggle with this to some extent.
    I find it easy to walk away for a day or two at a time, but today the kids were all home (snow) and I was distracted and cooped up and bored and it was SUCH an easy thing to run toward. Yuck.

  2. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and I do want to establish some consistent limits. I took Facebook off my phone, which helped. I am always going to have it with me, because it's my phone! and I need to be accessible, but I do want to avoid looking at it all the time. I may remove Instagram and Twitter for a while too.

  3. I read Alicia's post, too,
    and I really applaud her
    for tuning in to "real"life,
    especially with so many
    littles at home. I've cut
    way back on blogging and
    IG. I have a love-hate
    relationship, truly, with
    social media! Like all things
    in life, it's striking the right
    balance, I think. My family
    will be on spring break together
    soon, and I know I'll be away
    from social media for the most
    part....and it's okay : )

    Thanks for starting this very
    interesting conversation. Enjoy
    your weekend--with or without
    your iphone!

    xo Suzanne


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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