A change in Season- Autumn I love you

As my fave & best blogs all move into a new season...I'm crazy excited to be on the verge of Autumn!

I love reading blogs that are moving into Spring, as it tugs at endless memories of our *other life* in the Northern Hemisphere- that of the English countryside.

I know that the daffodils in our village, way over there, are all blooming on the doorstep of my besite galfriend.

I know that Easter will have hit our little high street, and that the windows of my favourite little stores will be decked out in goodies embracing the season that Spring brings.

I'm thinking of our village *Green* blooming, in both colour and people, along the edge of the British coast, where life meets the Irish Sea...and I'm imagining an outdoor table at one of our favourite country pubs, in crisp air and good company.


I'm very ready for a good dose of Autumn, jacket wearing and soup making.

Of the parks changing colour and more trips to city art galleries.

Of crisp beach walks and dark cosy evenings.

Of long lunches and crafting afternoons.

One thing I've learnt from living on both sides of the world is to embrace the seasons.

I love you to the moon and back Summer- but move over and share the year...my boots are ready!

Happy start to the new season...wherever you may be!



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  1. Autumn is my favorite season and Spring is my least favorite....so your change of season excites me more. I have never lived on your side of the hemisphere and so it still seems so weird to think that there is another side of our world in the opposite seasons. Enjoy pumpkin muffins with your coffee!


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