I love party crafting and rambling

Well...good morning from the wet old coast of Australia!

My *I love you Autumn* ramblings the other day, got the season into full swing it seems!

I meant cooler weather... not wet weather!

At football last night, inland away from the beaches, I was in full scarf and coat by 9pm.

That's my fashion thing three nights a week whilst I'm taxi-ing a particular sports boy around- all boots and scarves and novels.

I bought myself a very cool boat light for my sitting, and waiting, and reading on football nights.

Apparently I can drop it in the ocean, and it will still hum along providing enough light to indulge in magazines, etsy on my phone, and the pile of novels ready for Autumn's early darker evenings in my car, for a good 10 hours.

Small things like that make my afternoon! ;-)


The school holidays are almost upon us- in this little house that means two weeks of birthday party's and wetsuits for cooler surf days, gallery visits and ferry trips to the city.

The kids are school holiday planning- they're in dire need of a break from school commitments- as is their mother!

One more day of packed lunches...then it's fend for yourself here kids!

Are you a school holiday planner?
When we lived in England- we always had a school holiday to do list...something I picked up from the American gal bloggers I love.

Back home here, I seem to get to the holidays and just want to stop for the first week and then wing the second.
Well it seems the kids have now taken to compiling some sort of plans for us...you know scribbling on the kitchen chalk board ideas & things we can't miss out on this holidays...that sort of stuff.

Perhaps I'll just pour myself a drink and let them take over!

Crafting here for Miss Audrey's 9th Easter party is in full swing.

Whilst the husband is in New York, I figure it's good to surround the kids will all things hoarded, bought new and found that involve glue, tissue paper, paint, dye and wahsi tape  totally cool and arty on every flat surface, until he's back and life has to have a little more order to it!

It's kinda controlled chaos- at a stretch!


Melissa xx


  1. We always planned our school holidays...though 15 yrs. of school was homeschooled so we could just take a holiday any old time we wanted...but if the hubby was to come along then, well, we planned. It was mostly camping trips.

    My son played football too...is your football the tackle throw a pig skin type or is it what we call soccer? I remember lugging all my stuff. Its fun!

    Did you find a pumpkin muffin recipe? I can send you mine...using organic canned pumpkin if you'd like. They are so yummy. xxo

  2. Bit of planning, bit of winging it is how we roll here. With Dad away I'd be letting the kids run amouk too. Enjoy the crafting - can't wait to see this party of Audreys!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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