D.I.Y- super quick & super easy bedside table makeover

The quickest little up-cycle job for a spare moment...really!

Now, I have to admit for this little bit of house loving & up-cycling, I originally thought you needed a very cool, simple, vintage piece to start with...which I did happen to stumble upon {!!}...but in hindsight, I actually think you could do this to any little sidey-table piece and it would look a fab!

I dropped a few bags off to our local *Vinnies*...(Oxfam, Red Cross) and thought I'd have a quick lookie in the furniture area, as they had just had a huge delivery of stuff!

I'm always on the lookout for small tables...anything that can be glammed up a bit, and plonked next to a sofa or chair, bed or bath tub!

This was just off the truck, with a wonderful solid piece of glass on top, and a lovely old-holiday-house-by-the-ocean-shape to it.

The lovely old guys hauling from the trucks out the back gave me a grin, and told me to take it, and love it...for a fiver!

Five bucks!


I took, and loved, and scrubbed, and painted!

Rust-Oleum. I love you.

Our Miss.Audrey wanted to have a mini-room makeover before her 9th birthday.
A bit of a not-so-many-little-kid-things-kinda-clean-out.

This was the perfect bed side table to get *that very specific 8 turning 9 year old look*! ;-)

OK- there's a thing about my kids rooms...they belong to my kids.
So, although I have a bit of a say in the bigger picture stuff, the feel of each of the three kids rooms is very much their own.

I love that!

It does allow me though, to indulge other styling indulgences using colourful pieces I wouldn't otherwise live with in the family spaces.

Thank god for little people under our roof.
I love a good 'pantone feeling rainbow pom-pom garland' as much as the next creative- I just couldn't live with it in the kitchen for nearly as long as I can love it in Audrey's room!

PS- how flipping cute is this letter, *typed* on a vintage typewriter with teeny fingers, when she was 7!
PPS- excuse the pickies- it was iPhone all the way with these!

Happy Up-cycling!


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