Hello...Happy Monday stuff

After two wonderful weeks of school holidays with my mob...HELLO!

This is one of the many things I love about this bloggy caper- that I can come here to my little corner and share, and read, and escape, and learn...and then I can have time with my babies and home and real life for as long as I need- knowing this is always here for me again.

So...that said- it's been a BIG few weeks!

Three kiddos home, and one husband in New york and New Orleans for the first week, and then all home to see our first baby celebrate her sweet 16th and our last baby celebrate her 9th!
Easter...sports...sleep overs- the usual holiday things!

And today, with some of them returning to school, the running around has not yet stopped as I collected our girl and took her to successfully gain her *Learner's Drivers License* not long after she'd ridden to school in the morning!

Riding high here people! ;-)

I've a few exciting things in the pipeline for this little space too!
The first being a new series that shares the homes, and inspiring spaces, of some of my wonderful blogging friends.

For so long, I have wanted to share the stories and blogs of the many women who influence me online, and I feel the best way to do this is through the bloggers themselves!
So be ready for some inspiring guest posts!

If you've had school holidays- enjoy the week getting the house back in order and crafting again without littler fingers, and glue and glitter, on your dining table...and if you're rolling on into the new season, with windows thrown open, enjoy the sunshine and longer days!

It's lovely as always, after a mini-beak with the family, to be back here in our little sharing spot.

Happy Monday y'all!

Melissa xx


  1. Morning Melissa,

    Such a lovely post and beuatiful fresh photos :) LOVE the decorations, I'm hoping to use this kind of style for our wedding, it's so pretty.

    Have a great week x x x

  2. Ah yes, back to school.I am looking forward to a tidy house again, although i will miss them.

  3. Ahhh sweet sixteen. It is such a magical time. My baby is 18 abd still does not have his drivers license! All of mine had to wait because it costs too much.

  4. What a wonderful happy post! I am just back from break myself. Reading a little bit online before I dive into the necessary tidying and cleaning that has to happen to put the house back in order. Yay for sunshine and longer days!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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