Get ya Easter Craft On- Day 2

Everyone needs a Floral Easter crown...

This Easter craft is super quick...and CRAZY cute, once you have all your *bits* together.

We are making this at Audrey's 9th Birthday with her *bestie gang* from school.

I'm going to have each place sorted, and set up with all they'll each need to make their own.

I can't wait to see how they put their's together...undoubtedly I'll be sitting on my *helping hands*!!

I'll be thinking balance and they'll be thinking *go-for-it-fun*!

The girls sweet-as crowns will have a creative energy, that as party-planner,  mine will not!

What you need:

-fabric flowers...all sorts, go as simple or indulgent as you like!

-craft wire for the actual head piece {I found some in our fabric store covered in soft white fluff stuff!}

-garden ties

What to do- building that crown!

-remove all the fabric flower heads from their stems, leaving a small green end to tie onto the crown keeping the flower in firmly in place.

-measure your craft wire for the head to be crowned...

-cut to size and join so all the sharp ends are covered and tied. Lay on the table with all your inspiration {flowers, vine leaves...etc etc}

-using the green garden ties, firstly tie your vine leaves as the base and build up using your larger then smaller flowers to fill the spaces in between.

-be sure to tuck all the garden tie ends in upon themselves, so there are no sharp ends!

Put on head in your dressing gown...giggle and enjoy!

This is one of the simples, prettiest easter/birthday crafts we've done.

It's super inexpensive and almost built from what you may already have around your home!


Melissa & Audrey 



  1. this is to die for! she is totally smitten, you can tell!! :) Great Easter project or fairy project! Well done

  2. That's really cute and she looks adorable I'm sure this will be a great hit.

  3. Indeed super cool idea! She looks lovely! xx

  4. Wow, that looks so fabulous, love how those floral accessories stand out on that craft. This is perhaps one of the coolest and cutest Easter crafts for kids I've seent oday. Love it!

    ~ Shabby xxx


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