Asian Soup on Autumn Days

Afternoon all...

I've had a *feeling poorly* day here- sorting the morning's chaos post school drop off house has been about all I've managed.

Sitting, and *getting better*, is not really something I seem able to do.

If I can sit and love the world from the sofa on my laptop- yes doable!
If I can sit and sew, or crafty up a little something to justify the sitting- yes doable!
If I'm totally enthralled in a brilliant book, or some inspiring mag article- yes doable!

But...if I'm to sit and *get better* by stopping...well it's not something I prioritise very well.

So, the husband, knowing from my text message replies today (reading as he does so well between the lines!) that I was not well, and that I was not sitting- leapt on his bike...zipped home across the Harbour
on the Ferry and drove me to the best *feeling-not-well* lunch I could have asked for!

I'm a total Asian soup/broth girl when I've a funny tummy.
I lived on it with my first pregnancy, and the next two followed along.
It's my *go-to-feel-better-food*.

*misschu*  I love you and your soup more than you can ever know!

Thanks for the hour, or two, of feeling slightly better.
The husband knows exactly how much I love him for knowing me, and my food needs so well!

If you're loving the Autumn sunshine, are in Sydney and feel like jumping on a ferry to Manly Beach and digging into some seriously fab soups and dumplings - I'll see you there...

I'm the one under the warm toasty blanket, slurping with crazy gusto in dark sunglasses!

Happy health!



  1. Oh he is such a keeper. hope you are feeling better soon lovely xx

  2. What a man! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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