Beach house renovations- an Architect with ideas

Good morning from the windy Autumnal Coast of Oz...

I'm rugged up against the cool air, hot coffee in hand- my mind racing with ideas!

We've had the morning with our architect.
He threw idea's at us.
We grabbed hold of his sketches, and imagined our family sharing the spaces before us on the page.

We agreed.
We brought new thoughts to our little round table of ideas.
We 're on the journey.

I've never worked with an architect before.
My husband's father was a brilliant architect.
We had great vision's of sharing this process with him- but that opportunity just never came up with us living over sea's...the timing was never right.

We now have another brilliant architect- older, wiser, focused on family living in the new world but with an old world understanding of life.
I feel we're very safe in his experienced, firm but gentle hands.

My decorating of the spaces we live in isn't remotely perfect.
It doesn't follow any mantra, or set of design styling guide lines, except my own.

I truly couldn't put our *style of decorating* in any box- but it's ours.
Imperfect, but perfect for us.
A melting pot of industrial, creative, wild country, fresh coastal and simple- yet entirely us.
It's the result of the way we chose to live,  regardless of trends or styles.

I'm embracing this vision with our new designs...I'm open to it all- but will know what is us when we eventually get there.
It's the paper drawing, idea's throwing stage- and it feels good.

{this is the kitchen that will be redesigned & extended- just a little excited!}
Have you used an architect?
Do you love the imperfect, yet perfect for you way your home works?
Are you a style embracer, or do you work with what makes YOU happy?

It's an interesting world- we're design focused in so many ways.
But I truly believe that no design is wrong, if you follow what you love, and embrace the way YOU want to live.

Happy Thursday- Out into the wind for me, coat on...!



  1. When I did a major renovation of an old Queenslander many years ago I used an architect. Best decision I ever made. We also used him to supervise the construction and, even though it was an extra cost, it was worth every cent. Any problems he dealt with. Like the day I came home to find the new windows in downstairs and they were wrong. I felt sick. He said, "No, problem. They'll just have to be redone." And they were, at no extra cost. I don't think that would have happened had it been me dealing with the builder. We also had a fixed price contract. A MUST do, if possible. We spent ages making sure the paper plans were exactly what we wanted and made NO changes during the building process. Good luck!!!

  2. How exciting for you all! With your incredible eye for style and your architects professional abilities....I can't wait to see your renovations unfold! These photos are perfection BTW:) Clever clogs. Meredy xo


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