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Up next in this series of my favourite bloggers from around the globe- is one of my very first *blog-crushes*!
Amy writes her heart out, along with photographs to die for, from the most wonderful house of treasures ever.
You can find her sharing a *Virtual Coffee* here each week on her honest and infectious blog *Lucky Number 13* here .

Hi there.
I'm happy to be here sharing a little bit of my home + some of my favorite things with you today.
I just adore Melissa and love getting a peek into her home and other inspiring homes so this is truly a blog series after my own heart!

If you were really to be here visiting me at my home today you would probably be relieved to know that you don't have to take off your
shoes, you can put your feet up on the couch or coffee table, and you don't have to worry about your kids breaking anything.

We are very, very casual around here-- I never really can come up with a good description of the style of my home or of my decorating
but it's pretty much thrifted, handed-down with a lot of vintage finds mixed in.
I love finding things for my home anywhere from rummage sales to Target to used furniture stores...
I love digging through junk to find treasures to take home and decorate with..

Some of my favorite things, and what you will find a lot of around my house, are jars, blankets, books, flowers, dishes and linens.
I love old things that tell a story or that were passed down to me from my family... and I also just
really LOVE old, cool
things that don't have a connection to me at all.

I love books and really everyone in our little family of four loves books and loves to read.
I also just love vintage books for their illustrations and for how nicely they look stacked in piles all over.
I am a sucker for children's books and have a very difficult time passing them up!

Now that I think about it, there's probably not a single room in the house that I consider "finished".
Everything is a work in progress and I am always moving and changing things around,  when I get tired of something I will move 
it to another room for a while or take it up to the attic. 
I will take a can of spray paint to pretty much anything and like to find a way to use and reuse things that have been cast off.

In the warmer weather, which is here now(finally!) my two favorite spots are the front porch and the back patio.
Neither of them are anything fancy at all, but give me some comfy chair, pillows, my porch swing + some twinkly white lights and I am a happy girl.
I love having coffee on the porch in the morning and a beer, margarita or supper on the patio at night.

After being in this house about five years now, I think it is time to go around and just repaint a lot of the rooms again.
I am thinking of going with a shade of white or very light gray in the living room and dining room but I always have a hard time picking
paint colors and usually as soon as a room is painted I decide the color is 
"nothing at all like I had in mind".

I  can't show pictures of my house looking too clean or too perfect because it never, ever is.
I am not a neat freak(sadly I am far from it) and you will usually find a laundry basket of clothes being folded, markers, pads of paper,
journals, Legos and stuffed animals strewn about.
I usually have at least one half-started project laying around somewhere. 

My to-do list will always be long in this house, that's just part of living in a 95-year old house.
There are the things you really want to do, and have big plans for...
But those are often the things much lower on the list of priorities for us... and that's okay right now.
I am excited to get our spare bedroom painted and redone and one day all of these kitchen cabinets will be painted.
One day.

A big thank you to Melissa for all of the inspiration she provides me with, she is so creative and lives in such a different place
than I do and I think that is so interesting.
I do love to see how and where others live, especially when it is so far from where/how I do.
Thank you for stopping to take a little peek into my home today!


Thanks lovely


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