Mama's Day...Boho Style

Happy Mama's Day!

I love Mother's Day!
There, I've said it loud and clear,...on my blog...to anyone who cares to listen!

Purely and simply because my kids truly, truly show me how much they love me being their mum.
They sit with me...are funny, sweet, generous with their time and hearts.

They make me proud~ because they truly value and recognise the life we lead.
The life we work so hard to create for them.

They make me feel heard, and thought about, and involved in their lives.
They make me feel crazy loved.

They make me smile.
I'm hoping your babies, no matter how big or small they are, made you smile today.

This made me smile to...

This whole post should be called *My- Eclectic-Loves*, {the name of one of my favourite IG-ers...check her out HERE}, as I truly find it harder and harder to put my decorating style in a box!

This week I'm feeling all BOHO.
All embracing of every part of my eclectic decorating heart.
And I think that's just it~ like with my kids~ if a piece of decor catches my heart, and makes me smile, it seems to work in our little house.

There's so much *not matching* that it seems to match~ if that remotely makes sense?
{I'm on my zillionth cup of tea here people...and it's all coming out a little fast and odd today!}.

This is how my kids saw me this week.
This was one of their gorgeous gifts.
The vintage pink chair, lugged back from England, loved in soo many of my posts...now has a partner in comfort and style...this beautifully stitched Indian ottoman.

It's me all over...and the pile of reading I've slowly making my way through this week will all be enjoyed right here.
And I'll feel loved and special whilst I'm taking an hour each day to myself.

Thank you my constant, wonderful babies for making me know you truly feel my love for you.



  1. Love it. I think the pink is soo lovely.

  2. So pretty Melissa. I love so many styles too, my house is such a mish-mash, but I think I like it like that, it represents who we are!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxx

  3. It goes so perfectly. Lovely! Eclectic is definitely the only style word to describe my house, and that is being generous. Really it is just a big mish-mash of things that don't go together at all!


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