Top of my home Bucket "Lust"- chatting with Kevin McCloud

Jen from the constantly inspiring *The Interior's Addict*  spoke to one of my all time favourite architectural/design experts Kevin M.

{see the full interview here }

So, what is Kevin’s own home like? “It’s as shambolic, autobiographical, worn around the edges and unplanned as anybody else’s in truth! You and I know that the rooms we see in mags are highly engineered to meet the demographic and advertisers of that mag. Sometimes I look at those homes with a single pineapple in a bowl on the side and think where’s their toaster?! When we’re filming for the show, I always prefer the homes which are a little more shambolic, they’re more interesting.”
kevin quote
How much do you love this quote!
Shambolic and autobiographical!

What some may see as total disorder and personal chaos...is simply life- true and honest!

I have a serious soft spot for Kevin- having lived with him on our doorstep for four years in England- he inspired me to embrace the *way of life* in the Northern Hemisphere {freezing temperatures in Winter, homes orientated to towards indoor living etc}, but to still hold true to my Australian principles for decorating and *the way* we lived our days.

With three kids used to an outdoors life of sand and salt air, I can assure you there was quite a love of inside disorder and chaos the "shambolic and autobiographical" in our big old rambling house in the country!

{You can read posts of our life in England living with local farm deliveries, travels through Europe and village markets {here} {here} {here} and by clicking on any one of a number of those little wordy links up there on the right, such as "country life", "village life" or "travel"....}

As I sit here typing at the family table, and look around, past one poorly girl {again!} on the sofa, to the baskets of washing and the piles of homework and school notes, past the ugg boots at the door and the cushions on the floor...I still see my favourite couches, my artwork, my piles of beloved books and magazines...my vintage collections from all over the world- the personal, autobiographical, special to us pieces that make this our home!

I'm seeing the delightfully *shambolic and autobiographical* that make this house our home.

Thank you Kevin.
I truly love you.


{you can see the daily reality of our home below on IG HERE}


  1. What a wonderful way to describe a home. I loved reading about your life in England and how you embraced all the best bits interjected with some glorious Aussie touches.
    I was lucky enough to see Mr McCloud when he came to Brisbane - he's equally as lovely in real life!

  2. Oh I love him too .....Your blog is gorgeous by the way...with instagram and facebook dropping by lovely blogs like yours needs to be pencilled into the calendar.... xxx

  3. Love Grand Designs. What a brilliant quote - shambolic & autobiographical

  4. I think you'll find that Kevin is MY secret/not so secret crush actually ;)

    Have been an admirer for years, who isn't?! I must have seen every GD episode several times...Kevin's a cool guy with some pretty great philosophies on life.

    Loved reading this! Xx

    1. I love everything about this home; decor, layout, modern aspect and especially that large opening to the beautiful back yard. Amazing!


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