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from the wonderful blog OH HAPPY DAY

As our architectural plans have almost reached completion, and are ready to submit to our local council,
I've begun to indulge in the *decorating-light-at-the-end-of-the-renovation-tunnel* already!

I know I'm premature by a looong shot, as the building hasn't even started...
but I'm a visual girl, and am tearing pages out of magazines and pinning like a crazy woman, whenever I get 10 mins to myself!

Part of our kitchen renovation will create a fabulous big dining area off the kitchen, overlooking our back garden and a wonderful jacaranda tree.

I'm especially excited about the prospect of all five of us, and extended family and friends, actually fitting around a big old dining table that is part of our everyday...the central focus of the room.

I'm hoping to indulge in a long held desire for a big round table.
{If you know of any amazing tables or sites or hidden secret round table makers in Sydney- please let me know!}


Until the time to decorate eventually arrives, I'm discovering and falling in love with new blogs all over the shop...

Today's love fest...

...this dining room will have you swooning!!

You MUST head over and take in this whole room- the picture wall is heaven and right up my alley.

AND it's a *before & after* - which we all love!!

Happy Friday...

I'll be sharing the new coolest wall in our house - the dark grey chalk board wall in my son's room
The best weekend Get-away outside of Sydney next week.



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