A D.I.Y Blackboard Wall in Dark Grey

So...my son just outa the blue asked for something doing to his room!

He's 13...

I loved that moment!

He's never asked or requested, or even *not requested*, anything particular for his room before!

His request was a dark, dark, dark grey blackboard wall!

I loved that moment!

We took the bulls by the horns and used the hour we had left one Sunday afternoon to send the husband to the hardware store, with strict instructions on the darkest of dark greys...

He was a little worried about the open ended only one guideline direction of our request...but he went off on his mission focused on darkest of greys with a very small colour sample!

We moved the entire room to one side, lay drop sheets, brought up the ladder and made Sol up a spare bed for the night in his sister's room.

As a bit of a *one-hit-wonder* when it comes to wanting something done NOW...I actually acknowledged that this would take two coats, over two days to really look the part- blackboard paint needs to be even and heavy- done in layered coats, not all at once.

I did good. Two days. Three coats. Done.

The colour is a fabulous deep, dark tone that shows up the actual elements that make up his room in a way I didn't expect.

We loved the clean sharpness of the wall so so much- that even he couldn't bring himself to use it as a blackboard for a good week!

But the temptation proved to much in the end- and I returned home from a market shop to this fantastic wall of thought and creativity!

It's my favourite wall in the house at the moment!

I just smile every time I walk past his door.

Thirteen with a room you truly want...he's happy...I'm frigging delighted!

Dark grey is the new whatever in our house!

Happy Painting!
Believe me- EVERY home needs a chalkboard wall!



**We used Berger Interior Paint - the formula was IRONSTONE .01
** The colour Library was DULUX_W.LIB


  1. Wow, this looks incredible.....amazing job! I really love the depth of the colour.

  2. Aw man! 'That's the shiz' as my son would say! ...and PERFECT timing since we are in the midst of planing a room reno for him as part of his 16th birthday prezzie. Too cool. Thank you for (all) your inspiring ideas lovely lady! ♥♥♥


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