And the computer came home to drink tea with me again!

OK........so here's the question- why if i am soo obsessed with anything remotely old, vintage, second hand, made-by-hand, found and pre-loved........am i soooo excited about having a new computer installed...AND my laptop free to roam the house?!

The last week has been like a sabatical- almost a detox- i have been free to wander into the kitchen for a cup of tea and not been tempted by my computer -hidden by jugs of flowers, and jars of pencils, and drawing bits as i kid myself i dont really live with it!
But i feel i must be honest and it's lovely to have it back.......where have i been sipping my tea for the last week? I can now sip and read- catch up on all my favourite blogs- see whats been created by all the other people i like to pop into see!
And...i can get back to writing...i have missed it...but i have probably read more, hung out with the kids more, laughed more, eaten more and obviously thought more......so bare with me whilst i get used to my new keyboard and back in the "swing"......'cause i have soo much to tell.....

And.......if you are reading over a cuppa have a peek at this-

It's very nice to be back xxx

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