a picnic box from a nail tray...a little saturday morning project...

autumn is absolutely on it's way...
& after a lovely afternoon of blog hopping i am feeling *warmly* excited...
i'm looking forward to boot shopping...baking...creating...
the english countryside is soo beautiful as autumn approaches...
as an aussie beach girl i still smile everytime i see our village change with the colours...

BUT...i'm also holding onto the last little moments of sunshine & lunches outdoors...

i don't share too many of my DIY's here...i'd rather drool over other more homey blogs for that fix...

but...the old timber *nail box*, i picked up at the boot sale last week, got a good splash of love over the weekend...
& it even saw the garden for a moment or two before the rains arrived...

i know the man who made the nail box didn't exactly embrace my idea of a picnic box...
but i think he'd change his tune if i poured him a cider sitting at my garden table with this...

i was also able to spend time with all my lovely kiddos by themselves..
as in one.at.a.time
for me that is bliss...

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend wherever you are...heading into autumn or spring...
the in-between seasons are always my favourite...


  1. That's adorable and I love the blue and white.

  2. oh i absolutely *adore* your picnic box!!

  3. Your images are so lovely. And your project so very inspiring! Love this!

  4. Love this! Adorable!

    Laura, HappyHomemaker.blogspot.com

  5. Job well done.. that looks awesome! Are your talents limitless? This truly is my favourite blog... I just can't get enough of your pictures... It's like picking up a fancy mag, but without the steep price tag! Love it! Lx

  6. What a cute picnic box!! And gorgeous pictures as always.

  7. Send me some more doilies Melissa, I can't get enough of them at the moment!! Once I have decided what to use and the order they go in they are so quick to sew up!!! Gotta love quickies ;)
    And yep! still raining.
    Melbourne has been cold and miserable and continues to be cold and miserable.(but God Bless the rain - safer fire season)
    We are off to Phillip Island and the penguins/koalas/racetrack (for husband) for a few days. Not quite France but a welcome distraction for the holidays.
    Love your tray, You will wonder how you did without it, and the fact it has a history - wonderful!!!
    Here's to some sunshine for us both :)
    Irene x

  8. Absolutely fabulous Melissa! I love the 'new' picnic box:) I can just picture you and your gorgeous children having the most wonderful picnic with china and silverware and I am sure that if the gentleman that sold the tool box to you, would love how it turned out as a picnic box!! I get so much inspiration from visiting you Melissa, you are the Mum I aspire to be, honey...and your creative skills are AWESOME too:) Have a wonderful day, lovely lady. Hugs ~ Txx

  9. Love your redo. Those chunky white candles are a perfect addition. Is the picture of the house your house? We've seen snippets of it, but never the whole house. It's fabulous!

  10. i think that box looks much happier at your house! the EAT is so perfectly done. nice job!

  11. I just love what you have done here Melissa. So quirky, just me!

  12. Well, you should post more of your DIY projects if this is anything to go by - it looks fantastic! Love it. K xx

  13. HI Melissa
    I had a feeling you would do something marvellous with this - and you did. So quirky and practical - my favourite combination.
    Well I arrived in London and autumn is just divine here. Busy catching up with family and close friends and nagging my Dad. Hope to fit in a bit of exploring this week.
    Have a super week.
    PS. Manly was glorious the day I left - almost beach weather!

  14. Perfect! I'm always juggling an armload of things along with a toddler on my hip as I get things ready to eat outside. I do believe I need one of these!

  15. Hi sweet friend!
    Okay, I'm just
    going to lay it
    out here...I'm
    totally going to
    copy you!!! I
    have a white nail
    bin very similar
    to this one that
    I'm going to give
    a fresh coat of
    paint and a fun
    stencil and then
    use it to haul
    around supplies
    for tea or perhaps
    sewing or Christmas-
    card writing. I
    think it's brilliant.
    Hope you don't mind : )
    It IS the sincerest
    form of flattery, you
    xx Suzanne

  16. Thanks for visiting me so I could then find you. What a beautiful blog you have! I love your photos and what's in them too. And yes we do afternoon tea as well. Fancy plates are a must. Love your recycled box very much. So handy for carrying all your bits to the outside table. Very clever.

  17. Spending time with the kids one at a time is great isn't it.
    That little box is so cute.
    Have a pretty day!

  18. Hello,

    May i ask how you stencilled the word onto the timber? What ink did you use and how did you do it? Im trying to do same thing for some timber crates for a french provincial look. Im trying to put some cute little french like words and symbols etc. Would love any help.
    Carly Stertern-gill


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