*a friday flower*...& a trip to London...

morning all...it's friday...aaahhhhh...
it's mad outside...
the winds have pretty much taken what leaves we had left on the trees outside my bedroom window...
we are on our way to London for the weekend...
in the wind...in our coats...in our hats...very story-book like...
i just love that...
for an aussie gal & her family i still think it's fab to say we are *off to London for the weekend*...
we have had many-a-holiday whilst on this side of the globe...
but not often can i walk the kiddos through our village to the station...
& simply jump on a train to our holiday destination...
i sort of feel like i'm doing good by the environment & i'm taking them on a real-old-fashioned-rail-adventure...
as i've said before, whenever we pull into euston station- the talk of monopoly get's louder...
as we jump into a gorgeous London cab...
the excitement builds...
as we pass landmark London places the plans are made & re-made...
as we pull into Islington the kids pile into the garden with friends...
& we pour a lovely first glass of wine & start the weekend catching up with dear London friends...

these friday flowers are for special London friends that share their weekends with us...
hope you have a wonderful weekend too...where ever you are...


pop over to the gorgeous laura at *a place for tea*
she has beautiful friday flowers & a story to tell


  1. A weekend away at this time of year is always a bonus and visiting friends in London a real joy. Have fun.

  2. Oh enjoy your London weekend Melissa. I'm envious! We spent a week in a Holland Park terraced house when my daughter was a toddler. Such happy memories! I can't wait for your 'what we got up to' post!

  3. Oooo - I'm jealous, I would love to zip to London for the weekend. Islington was one of my old stomping grounds, my friends are all still there and I always enjoy going back. Train journeys are the best.

  4. Enjoy gorgeous London Melissa...fun will be had by all i am sure! x

  5. I couldn't agree more - catching the train to London is fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend - Melissa xx

  6. How lovely - going to London town. Even for me as a Brit, going to the nation's capital is special. Such a cool city. And getting the train - you are good. I drive absolutely everywhere. I think I am single-handedly making a rather large carbon footprint. Hmmm. Hope you have a lovely time... Lou xx

  7. Ooh, enjoy your weekend!!!

    We used to live next to a train that went straight to Chicago. We'd catch it every now and then to go visit friends and just hang out in Chicago. I really miss doing that. And the kiddos LOVED going on a train ride followed by taxis and buses!

  8. Have a nice weekend in *livingLondon*!


  9. I wish I could say I was going to London for the weekend. Instead it will be saying we will be sailing in Moreton Bay next weekend.

    Pam x

  10. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend in London. It is so historic and magical ;) XOL

  11. oh, how fun. A train trip into London. I can see Paddington Bear along for the ride with all of you. Enjoy your city weekend!

  12. Hi Melissa
    Hope you had a great time in London. Check your mails when you get back, there's a surprise for you - you won Wednesday's giveaway during my birthday week!
    speak soon

  13. If all goes as
    planned, there
    will be a London
    week in my future
    in the next year,
    as I have relatives
    that are in the
    process of moving
    there with a job
    transfer!! I have
    not been to the
    U.K. in nearly 15
    years, so I cannot
    wait....Hope it
    was all you'd hoped
    for and MORE.
    xx Suzanne

  14. Gosh, feeling the anticipation in faraway Hobart, Miss Melissa! J x


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