the beauty of seasons for a beach girl in the english countryside...

hello lovelies...

the seasons are changing & i am finding myself full of energy & ready to embrace the fresh air of Autumn...

living on the beaches of australia -seasons were almost non-existent...

not that i'm complaining about a constant temperature of very hot, hot, warm, not so warm & then chilly for  10 weeks!

but...since moving to England almost 3 1/2 years ago, one aspect that i have delighted in is the change from one season to the next...

the change in colours of our village...

the change of produce available...not mass-produced supermarket produce- but farmers market, local produce...

the change in one's step on a blustery walk to school...

long warm boots, scarves & layering...

i'm having a lovely day sewing as the weather whirls past my sewing room windows...

snug inside, drinking gallons of tea & creating cushions for a delightfully gorgeous new shop opening this week in the next village...

called lovely ducks & owned by a very cool dressing mother at school- you know the old battered converse/skinny jeans kinda school mama...i'm thinking it's going to be a wonderful place to shop...

local goods made by local women... 

the opening is tomorrow night so i'll be snapping some pickies for you all...

till then...embrace your seasons whether you are up here & rushing into Autumn...

or down there & slipping into spring...

love me in long boots & my new leopard print scarf...




a huge big hug & warm autumn welcome to all my new 
Miss Sew & So friends
thanks for coming along on the ride!


it's a good life wednesday here


  1. Sounds like ideal sewing conditions.... so happy sewing! Looking forward to those pics of the opening! X

  2. Ooh, lap up that tranquillity, Miss Melissa! You sound in a perfect headspace right now. I'd give anything just to be sitting beside you. J x

  3. OH Happy days, sewing and snuggling in a scarf. I am just about to break out the ballet flats. I am finding it a bit hard to let go of my socks! I am also looking forward to the photos. I want to see the cool mum.

  4. beautiful autumn pics, melissa. have i already told you how happy i am that you are back? i missed you while you were gone and just for the record, you are not allowed to stop blogging... not ever, okay? ; ) can't wait to see the pics from the store opening, sounds like fun!!

  5. love the pumpkin pics! :)
    I've been doing a lot of sewing lately too. I guess the fall weather makes me feel crafty! Wish I was closer so we could sew together. It's always so fun to have a friend to sew with!

  6. Good luck at the opening and I'm betting your pillows will be sailing out the door!
    xo Cathy

  7. Such loveliness on an Autumn day - thanks for sharing! Glad to be visiting today from Good Life Wed. at A Beach Cottage.

    Happy Autumn,

  8. Don't you love that cool dressing mother? She always looks so cool, so so , just cool....I wish I looked like her and you know, you just know she is well liked and cool ; ) The seasonal change sounds lovely - Melbourne gives us change but not quite to the UK kinds! Loving your journeys xxx

  9. I always figured you were one of those cool school mums - converse and skinnies. Got me thinking about I could ask you to sew for me this winter. After the success of the Christmas stockings, I think it's time for more! Have you an etsy shop yet?? Lou x

  10. glad that you are embracing your weather changes!! as am I, the lovely warm afternoons that are begging for just a little air con!!! I wont start that just yet though!
    I see you as being one of the cool mums too!! love and hugs, laura xx

  11. Oooh yeah... I'm ready for Spring - although I shall lament the loveliness of all things cosy. Totally agree about more "subtle Oz seasons" & simply cannot wait to experience a UK Christmas. PS - Hubby & I have been talking and we think 2012 - December vacation! Yes Sir!

  12. Now your making me miss the change in seasons again!
    Autumn and Spring are such glorious times in the UK and I love your images.
    Looking forward to reading more about the new shop - sounds interesting.

  13. Your photos capture Autumn - I always think it is a lovely time to snuggle down and appreciate your home and everything around you. Look forward to seeing your pics on the new shop. Have a lovely week.

  14. Lovely pics and glad you are enjoying the new season there :) Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays!


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