Christmas luggage tag stamping- avoidance heaven!

morning from ol'Blighty...

just saying that whilst i still can... 

we're outa this beautiful, big old house that has been our home for almost 4 years on monday...

& there is a huge part of my heart that just wants to throw it in a crate & have it sent to Australia with us...

so when the end gets nearer...& the decision making becomes more demanding...i have a fail-safe

way of just ignoring it all for a bit...

is it just me...or do you too put some big moments on hold...& just for a little moment climb 

into your safety net & do something so totally unrelated that you can switch off...

wooden stamps...luggage tags...typeface...my kinda nothing...

total escape...HEAVEN...IGNORANCE...whatever you want to call it- i needed it...

after an enormous day of decision making yesterday...with the hubster home from work...

two minds better than one sorta thing...

i just needed to switch off...not decision make...not file...not think...

& so i made tags...Christmas tags...as many as i could till i was ready to make bigger decisions


you see...i'm one of those people who's *surroundings* influence their emotions BIG time...

i need the things that make me tick around me...

visually i need it to be my kinda right...i've always been like this...

it's not that i place value on monetary objects at all...it's all the small things that tweak my memories...

& my heart- that make my space about our family...about me...

the drawings...the notes...the photos...the bits of shell & collected stones...

Ritchie & the kids are so used to it...my parents are so used to it...my {B.B} is so used to it...

i can't remember the last time we travelled somewhere, that i didn't *sort out* our room somehow...

so now...whilst all that is *us* is being packed up...& i know i can't surround myself with these

things till March next year- i'm getting twitchy...i'm tag making...

it's all about keeping sane & big picture focused apparently... ;-)

so...my moments of *non-decision-making-me-time* now involve hanging out with you here 

blogging & making a ridiculous amount of Christmas tags...

forgive me this one little vice...{12,000 miles} is a long way...there's mucho decision making

happening here....

so visions of this....

piles of our beloved, collected memories...

& our aussie passports....

turn me to this...

if i worked in some corporate office- i suppose i'd be an example of an *avoidance strategist*...

how to not get where you need to be...

but as i'm in uggs & a loved old jumper, piling up our life to move 12,000 miles home to

 {the beaches in Australia}...you're just gonna have to run with me.... :-)

love you for being here...

coming on this journey home from the English countryside to the beaches of Oz with me....

& letting me hide in my *stamping-Christmas-tags-vice* along the way...

have a wonderful weekend

hug your kiddos

savour your moments


let me know if you have more avoidance-me-time strategies up your sleeve for a packing up her life mama!



stamps from amazon: {here}


  1. I can only imagine
    the tumult in both
    your life and heart
    at the moment.....
    Amazed you are
    coping so well!
    Blowing you kisses
    and sending hugs
    and peace from across
    the sea.

    xx Suzanne

  2. Oh Melissa - so utterly bittersweet...I can't bear it! I am so like you; my surroundings are oh-so-important to me and I just can't concentrate without things being 'sorted'. I love the idea of you sorting a hotel room to fit the family! Still in awe that you have managed this pack-up so close to Christmas but as I have said before, the idea of you on a beach (or even just near/in the vicinity of) by Christmas Day does make me smile. You will blog as soon as you can after Monday won't you??! I will surely need updates. Lou x

  3. I don't blame you! I would do the same thing! Love those stamps! Especially the snowflake one!
    lots of hugs!

  4. a good way to get your mind off things for a while.. love the tags and the stamps! something i have on my wish list.
    all the best with the move!

  5. Oh it's all a bit heartwrenching! The house, from what I've seen, looks so divine it must be hard to let go especially when you've made it yours.

    I'm looking forward to seeing snippets of your house here now though.

    Good luck with the packing up. You seem very cheery still, I find it soul destroying packing boxes so well done you! :)

  6. Wow...is all I have to say!!!! Love the tags.....so much going on for you, but I know you will be handling it all beautifully Xxxx

  7. I can empathise with you - I have always hated having to pack (and say goodbye) to my favourite belongings for the 12-week shipping period that constitutes UK to Australia (and vice-versa). I must admit to always packing a large royal mail post box with a few absolute favourite things or things I don't think I can bear to do without for so long and sending it ahead of me via airmail - so it is ready and waiting when I reach my new/old home...and the tags are gorgeous - not avoidance at all - a necessary distraction I'd say!

  8. Your tags look lovely. Hope the packing is going well x x x x

  9. I get it. I get it 1000%. While tag-making has not been my escape. I am an avoider through and through. When things get tough, I have to get away too.

    GOOD LUCK with the next few days!!! Hugs.

  10. Hon, it's therapy this whole avoidance thing.
    (I am doing it now by looking at your blog instead of doing the ironing!!)
    Love your tags and your style. Makes me smile and feel all serene when I come and gaze at your blog :)
    Love your quote about the drawings, the notes, the photos and collected stones and shells.
    I so hear you. It is what makes each house a home, a reflection of the people who live there.
    Live it and love it I say!

  11. I know precisely how you feel!! Your little gift tags are the perfect distraction. You have inspired me to start thinking about making some of my own!

  12. Melissa, I'm sitting up in bed on a Sunday morning, catching up in blogland and thinking of you having to leave you house tomorrow...I don't know how I will feel when it's my turn...I'm sure it will be mixed feelings...It's probably a good thing there is no snow around this year as that magical scene can only make it harder...however, the thought of blue skies, sunshine, sandy beaches, sparkling water, bathers, thongs, suncream, barbeques, crickets singing at night, the southern cross lit up in the night sky...need I go on... all the very best for tomorrow, I'm right there with you! Robx

  13. Lovely post!! Thank you for inviting my post.
    Have a great week!

  14. Hi Mel!
    Sorry for the long absence...term four reports, Chritmas concerts, etc...need I say more! Your tags are just beautiful and I'm sure you're not alone with the distraction habit... Also with your surroundings affecting your emotions. Our nests provide such joy, peace and security when they are filled with the people and things we love and treasure. I'm 100% sure though that your new dwelling in Oz will provide the same and you will have it feathered and comfy in no time at all. Have a wonderful Christmas! Love to you and your family. Jac xx

  15. Well, we can start a club, I'm pretty good at avoiding big things too! Did you take some small items with you to still surround your (hotel?) and to use back home till everything arrives?
    Was thinking of you this morning, hope the saying goodbye to the house will not be too hard....
    Also, I was thinking of something for the kiddo's to do whilst flying..what about this:
    buy a big puzzle with a picture of something really English, something that reminds you of your time in the UK, a big one with over a 100 pieces. Divide the puzzle into 3 bags for the kids, or 5 bags for each one of you, and see how far you come to making it. Now I know, when you fly economy there is no room, but perhaps with the table folded out it is a good way to distract them while sorting it out, and later when they are back home it is a nice way to remember their journey from the UK to Oz?
    (ok, you can see I haven't done the 12000 miles yet with two kids, so maybe this isn't the thing to do...) anyhoo, keep your chin high, and I love your christmas spirit in those tags!
    Hugs! Maureen xx

  16. Those tags are so lovely, such a nice way to create something small and special. I know those feelings you describe... it is so hard to be in those moments... but the moments will fade to memories when you are settled in March and you will be so much more appreciative of all the small details of you life... thinking of you! x

  17. I completely get it! I find if I have some 'me' time just to create and do something not strictly necessary then it helps my mental health no end! All the next with your move to Oz!

  18. Mine is the kettle, the chickens and the chocolate drawer - Tags (and stunning ones such as yours) are at least useful! My procrastinating/avoiding/head in the sand techniques leave me with a full bladder, spoilt chooks and probably a few too many cocoa headaches! Oh well... time for a cuppa! :-) PS - sending you the very bestest kinda cheer and energy and light and love as you make this journey. Looking fwd to the next chapter! Xxx

  19. It's a coping strategy not avoidance (all in the words in you use!)
    I hope the first part of the move went well and you are now getting excited for the trip home.
    Love the tags and thanks for the amazon link.

  20. PS I've just ordered some of those stamps as a Christmas gift for some children...and I just had to pop one in the amazon basket for me. They deliver to Australia - whoppee!

  21. I am getting those stamps as well, Miss Melissa. They are just irresistible! J x


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