beachside rain makes for a lovely Saturday morning...

it's raining here on the beautiful beaches...

i'm having an English morning...coffee's...papers...kiddos wandering in & out...

BBC radio on the laptop...

thinking of our four years of travel & the life i want us to continue to lead...

memories of the world on the Australian Coast...

hope your weekend is divine...

see ya monday

lots to share this week

thanks for popping past




  1. We've been in the rain here on the northern california coast all week too. There is actually a down pour right now...and we sip coffee/tea while listening to the raindrops on the windows and no tv or music is on. I love to hear the rain.

  2. Happy wet weekend to you
    Carolyn xx

  3. Hi Melissa...so happy to connect with you via Facebook. I am sure we have passed each other in blogland via a comment or two. Happy to reconnect. I am now following by email..:) xx
    Blow a kiss out to that gorgeous sea for me...
    Jeanne xx

  4. Oh Sweets, you know those blues and greens have me swooning! J x

  5. sounds like a lovely day to me. hope you have a fantastic weekend! we are getting ready fro the St. Patrick's Day parade, my little Boy Scout is walking in it. He is a little conflicted though as he also wants to watch the parade from the sidelines and collect candy : )

  6. you are so sweet :) your life looks so calm and cozy...i wanna have real tea with you! happy weekend to you!

  7. I love a rainy day where it is impossible to feel guilty for not doing the washing! I love the colours in the photos. Can you tell me please, what sort of photo editing do you use? Is it photoshop?

  8. love the rain, love the bbc and love those blues and greens you have there! : )

  9. I like the photos of the pitchers and bowls - so peaceful!

  10. Love the colours. Beautiful!

  11. Catching up here on all the beauty that is around you. The beaches and the lovely garden. Enjoy your week!


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