A thrifted photo wall and a little IKEA loving in the beach house {create}

Happy Friday!

Just popping in with a little photo wall love...

A little IKEA love...

And a cheap and cheerful look at the frames I sprayed back here as a *weekend project*!

The wall shelves were no more than $25 each and the frames no more than $2 each!

I read somewhere that children actually achieve more and enjoy life more when surrounded by images of their lives in a positive way...

I'll take that and throw it in my I love to decorate for my kids health basket!!

What d'ya think?

I'm thinking there may be another trip to IKEA and a few more shelves added!

Enjoy your day- may you have a creative moment somewhere along the way!

Melissa x


  1. Just gorgeous Melissa..I love it. Any excuse to decorate ;) x

  2. Love love love.

    Okay, that's it : )

    And I agree about
    being surrounded by
    happy images, as I
    know they make ME
    happy, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    xo Suzanne

  3. ooo I do love this hun ... like alot! xx

  4. That looks lovely. What a great way to celebrate your memories. Do you find yourself stopping and looking and thinking often?? Leoni

  5. This is perfect! I get so bored with things I put on the wall, that this is the perfect way to keep them interesting to me!


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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