*Get Your Christmas Craft On*- Day 5...

Good morning from the Coast- sun is a shining...I'm in one of those *get sorted* moods today...

But first...Day 5 of *Getting Your Christmas Craft On*!

A french inspired cloche...food cover...candle or fruit cover for the centre of your Christmas table...or just a lovely piece to sit amongst your Christmas decorating.

I totally love chicken wire decorating!

I tend to stash anything we may need in the future  put aside various lengths of chicken wire as I see it on sale as we use it for the garden, the puppy {to section of plants I'm growing that don't need digging up!} and for craft projects such as this...or this fantastic home project .

For this project we used a short width of chicken wire- 90 cms wide, which we cut down the centre to make two 45 cm wide pieces to use.

Using this width wire also gives you a clean base edge to the project, as you can see in the image below.

What you will need for this project:

Chicken wire- the smaller the width the better.

Wire cutters.


Christmas ribbon / herbs / baubles / tags etc.

To make the cloche:

1. Cut your chicken wire to size- ours were 45 cms high and random lengths wide - you will see how large you'd like it and cut accordingly.

2. Wearing gloves, unroll your wire till you have made it reasonably flat and able to be wired in a cylinder.

3. Attach your two sides together- we just used the ends of the wire we had cut- but you can also use pieces of thin wire from a seperate roll should you find that easier.

4. Once attached, you should have a large roll- now gather one end as you would a bon bon, or when wrapping a bottle and pull tight. It will bend and stay put- the beauty of working with wire!

5. Attach your ribbons and Christmas decorations as you wish...

We will be using these on our Christmas table perhaps covering whole seasonal Christmas fruit as decoration, and then with candles during the evenings.

They are so simple, beautiful and cost almost nothing...

They are super easy to put together- instantly completed projects so work for us all I know!

Made smaller- they'd be lovely on a deep window ledge, or shelf, with candles or Christmas decorations...

I heard this morning that in a month we'll be waking up to Christmas morning...hoping one of you will tell me I heard wrong!

Happy days!

Melissa x

Also check out this simple *Coastal-Country* project - it would be divine for pegging your Christmas cards on in the kitchen, or by the tree...


  1. This is perfect. I love your style so much. You could use this all year long!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love it!! I am now off to share this post with all of my blog followers in Facebook!! This is perfect for my beach house Christmas!!
    Jos xx


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