A Handmade Vintage French Bedspread & Friendship

Don't you love friends that know you so...so well, and who really value that friendship.

I was gifted the most beautiful handmade french bedspread over the weekend...to say I was deliriously, crazy happy is an understatement of huge proportions!

I've had this girlfriend for many years now, and whilst we have our differences {she's Italian, and even more passionate about her life than I am!} we are embracing of those in our friendship, are honest with one another, and truly have a huge love and respect for our friendship.

She delivered her youngest to play with our youngest on Saturday morning- and handed me this with very little ceremony, but a huge knowledge of what it would mean to me.

Friends are all about grace, and gratitude and honesty- aren't they!?

I must admit I sorted the girls, and just sat looking at the finer work, detail and fabric patterns of it for quite a while...

It's wonderfully heavy, and finished in that way that only handmade pieces are.

I couldn't love it more...and I love her for knowing how I'd feel when living with it...reading snuggled under it and hanging it, freshly washed out in the sunshine in our garden.

Bedspreads are a bit of a *thing* with me.
I collected quite a mountain few whilst living in England- from both the UK and France...and even some beautiful handmade bed linens and covers from the Greek Islands we visited.

This is such a special, truly loved addition to that collection.

Friends are the bomb.

French bedspreads are heaven at home.

This was a wonderful weekend.

Happy Monday.




  1. That is gorgeous...what an amazing friend and what an incredible gift, Flick x

  2. How beautiful. Lucky you for receiving the gift and for having such a generous friend!

  3. What a wonderful gift, it's beautiful Xx

  4. What a lucky friend
    she is to have you as
    her pal.... And how great
    that she 'gets' what makes
    your heart sing!

    xo Suzanne


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